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Dec 1 2018, 11:52 pm
By: RdeRenato  

Apr 7 2020, 8:31 pm RdeRenato Post #21

I am Renato

Quote from Andrea Rosa
Quote from RdeRenato
Given the circumstances:
-by the infamous virus
-by my health condition

Hang on, man! I hope you'll get better soon. Sincere sympathy from Italy.

"power overwhelming" for me xd
greetings from the planet Peru

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Apr 20 2020, 11:24 pm stalwart ghostess Post #22

Hi RdeRenato, can you foresee an approximate date by which this campaign will be finished? Looks very promising...

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Apr 21 2020, 3:59 am RdeRenato Post #23

I am Renato

Hi RdeRenato, can you foresee an approximate date by which this campaign will be finished? Looks very promising...

thanks, well ... in theory the levels from 1 to 8 are already 100% finished. Level 9 onwards I will upload them with incomplete voices and without as many tweaks given the circumstances (infection of my left arm, complete voices in my other home (quarantine)). The last level 10b of the "first act" and the subsequent cinematics, are complete. I will upload them as soon as the translator completes them.

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May 13 2020, 7:08 pm RdeRenato Post #24

I am Renato


-Overall Terrain update
-Difficulty Reduced (Missions 3-8)
-Added Energy Recharge Stations/Points for Micro Missions
-Added Briefing missing Sounds
-Added Death Sound

Extra: I'm finally back on my PC and I'm adding any missing/broken audiofiles to finally finish the final missions.
I've finished 1 out of 3 extra missions

:unsure: i am RdeRenato, a veteran noob

Jun 30 2020, 4:12 am RdeRenato Post #25

I am Renato

After a lot of work and effort (thanks to the 0% remuneration incentive) I will publish the COMPLETE campaign (although with some missing voices)

I hope "not find errors" in the English translation ...

-numerous difficulty changes that I don't remember (increased and decreased)
-Improvement in decoration
-more bugs fixed

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I'm not sure, but if someone wants a link other than MEGA, tell me and I'll upload it.

:unsure: i am RdeRenato, a veteran noob

Jul 1 2020, 5:31 pm Zincoshine Post #26

Awesome, I will be playing through this once I am done with Broodwar alternate :) . When that time comes I will give you daily updated and let you know of any bugs or issues that I find.


Yesterday, 3:14 pm Zincoshine Post #27

OK I've decided to postpone that until later.. I'm playing through this now :)

Time for some notes:
OK so I see the English isn't very good so I'm going to help out here

Mission 1:

- I've noticed that the phrase "command center" has been used where "base" should have been used. A group of buildings with resources is called a "base", not a "command center". a command center is this building: .
- There's a piece of dialog in the first mission where YOU is misspelled UYO
- The terran mechs (tanks and goliath) don't work well in the second part of this mission, you should have offered firebats, medics, and marines instead.
- The mission ends in victory abruptly after finding a infested command center... I feel that doesn't fit at the end since the mystery is why the base is empty.
- The English in the map description is a disaster. I want to type the correct English for you here but first I need to know what the "he" is referring to in the map description. Is it Duran or the UED auxiliary force?

Mission 2:

- At the fifth statis cell, I think you should try to improve the ramp that takes you to the statis cell, It was really hard to see
- While the layout is beautifully designed, the realism does also make the micro gameplay more annoying as its quite hard occasionally to keep your units from dying from those photon cannons. This is hard to fix but you could try to have those green beacons recharge protoss shields as well...? but maybe it becomes too easy then...

Mission 2s:

- You misspelled Aiur in the dialogue at the start of the mission!!!! No!!!!! :crazy: So many campaigns make this mistake.....
- when looking for Cruz, a soldier will say he doesn't want to die, thats ok, but then another guy answers him and says the UED always wins in the end and the "broodwar" will end. It's should be "brood war". "broodwar" is a reference to the game starcraft brood war, especially the game files and engine.
- A bizarre dialogue happens between a medic and a firebat that concludes with the firebat exploding. That made me laugh a lot, I have no idea what that was about but the sentence the firebat uses has grammar mistakes.
- Overall the gameplay scores very poorly for this mission because of how pointless it is. I guess you had other things planned for this mission but then decided not to go through with your plans which is why it ended up the way it is. A bit unfortunate but oh well...

Mission 3:

- "although Duran still posing a threat" should be "although Duran still poses a threat"
- "purge the orbit of char" is a hilariously wrong mistranslation. unfortunately "orbit" cannot be used the same way it is used in Spanish. I recommend changing this to "purging the space platforms surrounding char"
- "which proceeds" should be "who proceeds"
- "position to the east" should be "position yourself to the east"
- In the mission objective, the objective should "establish a base", not "establish the command center".
- "as you order" should be replaced with "as you command" or "by your leave"

I'll post more as I play.

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