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Igal Heresy
Nov 30 2018, 11:07 pm
By: Lagi  

Nov 30 2018, 11:07 pm Lagi Post #1

Igal heresy is tech and stats alteration for Brood War 1.16.

No new units, few new upgrades, some QoL. No AI to support the changes.

run as admin AHK script (green H) icon - this will replace some key when you play Starcraft.
click IgalHeresy.exe ; choose the starcraft.exe (in your SC folder)

explored map
starting 12 workers
auto start harvesting minerals (workers dont take perfect route though)
worker's rally point on minerals
smart casting (once work, once not)
idle worker counter (just number in up-left corner)
acquisition range of melee units increase to sight range, so melee units will approach each spotted enemy.
expanded tool tip


mod is assume to work with the AHK script for extra controls:
WSAD map move (+map location on mouse scroll its F2,F3,F4, +tab/caps/~ are group selection keys 0,8,9)
sometimes WSAD keys stuck [to fix press again the same key direction, that screen is going]

all Hot keys are now on QER/ FV/ ZXC
in game buttons grid change

F9 - will quickly go through all menus into custom game
F12 - on off script

F4 - cheat no need energy for spell
F5 - cheat no need supply
F6 - cheat quick build
F7 - cheat all available
F8 - cheat resource

Tech Trees:



STATS change:
concussive do more damage. for: medium unit 50%>75%, large units 25%>50% (mirror of explosive).

increase supply provision to +11 (supply depot/overlord/pylon), +12 (ComCent,Nexus) or +1/2/3 (hatch/liar/hive)

energy upgrade increase energy regeneration by 25%


Scan cost 50>75 energy

SCV decrease HP 60 > 50

Marine has Concussive damage type

Firebat armor 1 > 2
new upgrade: Evaporating Catalyzer [150/150], req. Science Facility - (change flame GRP to blue)
change Firebat damage type to normal

Medic cost 50/25 > 50/50, decrease HP 60>40, heal 4x slower (50/256 speed), heal use 1,3 energy <-> 1 hp (75/256).
Medic has Irradiate cost 150 energy
Optic Flare (cost 50 energy) - blind also reduce attack range to 3.

Ghost damage 10+1>14+2, cooldown 30 (instead 22)
Ghost has EMP (research at Covert Ops, need Science Facility)
Lock Down 200/200 > 150/150, energy 100 > 75, duration time halved
Nuclear Missile 8>0 supply
Ocular Implant also grant Ghost detection

Vulture increase mineral cost 75>100, reduce damage 20>18
decrease Spider Mines quantity 3 > 2

Goliath is medium size, req supply 2>3
Goliath missile range upgrade +3 > +2
Charoon Booster also increase range of Missile Turrets by +1

Siege Tank increase supply req 3>4, sight range 10>7
Siege Tank in Tank mode armor 1>2, min. range 0>1
Siege Tank in Siege mode armor 1>0, min. range 2>4, attack cooldown increase 75>100 (less dps)

Dropship, dont req. Control Tower, cost 100/100 > 100/50
has spell in control tower: Nano-robots 150/150, 1 use - repair target overtime, but reduce attack range to 1 [Defense Matrix variant]

Wraith size is medium, require Control Tower

Valkyrie size is medium, dont need Control Tower, attack ground targets (3 volley of rockets -12 dmg exp, with smaller AoE 5/20/30), cannot attack air units anymore. hp 200>150, armor 2>1

Science Vessel removed

Battlecruiser cost 400/300 > 400/250
Battlecruiser crush to ground
when destroyed above land-able terrain, it crashed and its transform into burning structure Crashed Battlecruiser, who will fly again if become repaired.


Dragoon is build in Robotic Bay (req. Citadel of Adun) has basic range 5 (instead 4), medium size, longer build time(750>900), req more supply 2 > 3

Singularity Charge upgrade is in Citadel of Adun, grant +1 range (instead +2)
new upgrade Overcharge - double Dragoon attack speed, but turn Dragoon off after time.

High Templar require Sanctuary of Khala (renamed Shield Battery), cost 50/150 > 50/100, shorten build time 750 > 600
High Templar has ground & air attack; Psi Assault 10+2 dmg, range 4, concussive, cooldown 20
meld to Archon require Templar Archive

Psionic Storm, Hallucination, Khaydaring Amulet is in Sanctuary of Khala (renamed Shield Battery)
Psionic Storm 75>125 Energy Cost (req. Templar Archive)
Hallucination 100>50 energy, create 1 image (instead 2)

Dark Templar req. Citadel of Adun (available sooner), lose Cloak for few second after attack. cost 125/100 > 125/75

Scout medium size, cost 275/125 > 225/125, ground weapon cooldown 30 > 22, require Observatory
vision upgrade increase ground attack range +1

Observer is build in Nexus (req. Cybernetic Core). Is not a detector, nor cloak, without upgrades (vision upg. grant detection, new upgrade grant invisibility). Cost 25/75 > 25/50

Corsair has no energy. Disruption Web is 2 use ability.

Interceptors are 6 basic quantity, +2 with upgrade, HP 40>30, shield 40>30
Argus jewel upgrade is increasing Interceptors shield to 40

Reaver has now basic 6 scarabs, +3 with upgrade

Disruption Web 200/200 > 100/100 cost

Dark Archon Feedback remove shields from target.
Dark Archon has Detection if has more than 100 energy.

Mind Control cost 200/200 > 150/150 , energy 150 > 125
Maelstrom energy 100 > 75 , affect also mechanical units

Hatchery produce 2 larva, Liar 4x, and Hive 5x

Creep Colony cost 75>25, has 0>5 armor
Sunken&Spore cost 50>75

Overlord has faster movement (213>600 flingy speed, with upgrade Overlord is faster than Guardian 660speed), need Antennae upgrade to be detector.

Adrenaline is Liar upgrade (instead Hive)
receive new upgrade: Fossorial Locomotion (cost 150/150) - underground movement (require Hive & Burrow)
can be morph into: 2x Scourge (req. Spire) or Infested Terran (req. Queen nest)

Infested terran
cost 100/50, deal 80+10 exp damage

Hydralisk req. 1,5 supply (instead 1)
has concussive 8 damage
can be also morph into Defiler (req. Defiler Mound)

Mutalisk size medium

guardian - has explosive areal attack, 30 dmg
req. 3 supply (instead 2)

Devourer can attack ground targets. has concussive attack
req. 4 supply (instead 2)

Queen spells:
Spawn Broodling 150 > 125 energy
Queen has Detection if has more than 100 energy, and has Greater Spire

Nydus Canal can be build by Drone out of creep (exit still has to pointed at creep)

Ultralisk has explosive damage (instead Normal), 30+5 (instead 20+3).
Ultralisk splash damage (enemy only)

Defiler - morph from Hydralisk. have air attack 50+4 dmg (90 cooldown - like a siege tank), 7rng, areal(20/40/80), left cloud of gas for a moment.

Dark Swarm 100>125 energy



cannot set scourge and infested terran to not rally at Hatchery point when spawn from Zergling

on LAN: Zergling underground movement. As soon as Zergling come into see range of opponent units - both players are disconnected from the game.

smart cast is malfunction - once work (one of selected unit cast), once dont (all selected unit cast spell)

initial auto order for workers to go harvest could be enhanced (let worker split more)

Dropship - new skill Nano-robots. Target should not attack (instead current 1 range).should has 3 use (like vulture mines), instead 1.

Sanctuary (shield battery) - stop research is Shield recharge skill is use.

zergling morphing to scourge or inf_terran cause error with Population counter (it dimnishing into zer0)

devourer and guardian morph didnt check pop requirement

Wishes or to-do:

KYSXD for sharing his plugin
Voyager7456 for help for exist
Pr0nogo for tools
Ravenwolf for greatest Brood mod ever

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Nov 30 2018, 11:39 pm Lagi Post #2

why remove Science Vessel

why put Dragoon in Robotic Facility?

Dragoon is too strong to be early accessible & Robotic Facility gain a good spam'able unit. Protoss mechanical unit factory feel underused to me.

why 2/4/5 larva spawn?
it feels odd that upgrading your "town center" grant no "scalable" benefit.
with this change Hatchery suppose to be resources establishment. This change should prevent building 2nd Hatchery close to each other.
Liar become a military center. Hive is an late game "spoil" when you have too much resources and can afford for little micro QoL.

why Optic Flare reduce range to 3?

to make Tank in siege mode incapable of shooting.

why Comsat nerf - require Science Facility?

to force Terran for early map scouting (a normal type - with units). Enemy gain chance to hide base (army composition) from terran. To make cloaked(burrow) unit more viable.

creep colony only 25 mineral & +5 armor?

creep colony was useless, without purpose. Now it suppose to be wall, blocking enemy movement.

Nydus Canal build out of creep?

To grant, proper late game, logistic capabilities for zerg (comparable with Arbiter Recall). Also to mitigate slowest transport.

Zergling underground move?

Zerg is lacking stealth/offensive unit. Roach type. Underground movement is obvious choice (nice fit to race and diversity).

Detection changes

I feel that Detection is too common, and vision upgrades are useless.
Overlord, Observer & Ghost need to buy his detection.

Additionally as rare late detection for revealing Terran has scan. Zerg Queen gain detection if has +100 energy & if Greater Spire is morphed (so its late game). Protoss Dark Archon has detection if has more than 100 energy.

[+trickery with Ensnare, Plague, Maelstrom]

Siege Tank change

siege mode was too strong. Increased the min range, so assailants sooner reach "safe zone". Increase of siege cooldown = DPS is better in mobile mode. Min range in mobile mode is to force player control over tank. Armor change 2<->0 is to make siege more fragile, and mobile version more offensive, to incline even more for using mobile mode.

early High Templar ?

after shifting Dragoon to mid game, Protoss need early range & anti air unit. Templar Archive grant 4x units, so its good to apportion little more the appearance of new units.
High Templar has very interesting, and underused due to Psionic Storm, skill Hallucination. It allow to quickly multilply army, or create HP sponge's. By putting HT early the Hallucination will see some use in game.
Psionic Storm and Archon meld are still late, requiring Templar Archives.
HT attack supposed to be poor, so he stay in caster role.

mid nerf Dark Templar ?

Dark Templar was too strong with permanent invisibility. Now it feel more like assassin, his strike need to be plan. Also with concussive attack its more believable.

His available sooner (citadel req). Templar Archive still grant access to 2x Archons anyway. Better apportion of new units appear.

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Oct 24 2021, 4:42 pm Lagi Post #3

I mod and play BW with the intent to make underused units worth producing, but with as little changes as possible.

Below is just my opinion after some modded games.

from start explored map is just much pleasant to play.
more starting workers (i would go for 12) reduce the idle time.

all melee units need acquisition range = sight range
it greatly reduces the busy job with clicking attack action, make melee units way more enjoyable to play with.

armor 2
damage type normal

without 2 armor, he dies too quick to the swarm of early units. With 2 armor he actually has a chance to compete with marines, for being considered for production. Also marines can stay away and be healed by medics.

with concussive damage, Firebat don't hurt anything (except early zergling). With normal damage he is great at any time for destroying the buildings. FB drop is very effective. Also Vulture will not surpass FB immediately.

the upgrade with changing fire to blue color is very nice - graphic wise, but normal damage is a must for firebat otherwise he is just a weak, underused unit with super limited use.
HP 40 (not 60)

its too hard to kill the medics. With less HP its actually possible to kill medics during early fights.

Optic Flare
reduce attack range to 3.

this would disable siege tanks with min range 4.

cost 75/0 => 75/25
mines 3>2
damage 18 (not 20)

not sure if 25 gas is enough, maybe 100 minerals too. Only terran has a second unit that need solely minerals to produce.
I play too poor, to feel the impact of reduced mines quantity. But its less busy job for me at least to spend all mines :)
Reducing damage to 18 (from 20), would make it more fair for killing workers.

comsat station add on for Science Facility (not Command center)

terran omni vision from early game is too strong. And its multiply with multiple Command Centers.
irradiate 100 energy (not 75)
emp shockwave 75 energy (nor 100)
Convert Ops is add on for barracks (not Science Facility)
req. Academy

Much earlier ghost, with 2x barracks its faster research of ghost abilities. It allow to stick longer with barrack units, and counter mech units.
siege tank
min range (siege mode) 4 (not 2)
vision 6 (not 10)
req supply 4 (not 2)

with bigger min range, even the marines, hydralisk or dragoons if they come close the are in safe distance. All melee units has a much bigger chance to come close to tanks (still siege tanks friendly fire is even a bigger issue).
reduced vision make the lonely tanks shoot later, allowing enemy to move around.
higher support demand, just balance the quantity of tanks in the game.

creep colony
cost 75/0 => 25/0
armor 5

creep has no funtion and is very expensive. now it works as very duarble wall. And its an decision to make, if i want to transform creep into more squishy colonies.
spawn broodling 150>100 energy
cost 100/100 => 100/50

queen even with reduced gas cost and energy for spells (i reduce even all spells cost) is still not attractive unit, due to required attention. Reducing broodling cost below 100 energy is a risk, because queen then kill enemy units too easily and too often.

Overlord could have removed detection (he already performs many vital functions: supply, transport, early air scout), and this way detecting Queen would be a must in each zerg army, then her spells is just a nice bonus.
this skill could affect all buildings terran and protoss (need more GRP). For opponent zerg just take over the control.
this would be very useful to reduce time needed to demolish the buildings.

infested CC and Nexus could still works as resource drop point.
Greater Spire

all stample air zerg units (mutalisk, scourge) are in normal Spire, so why bother with upgraded?
maybe if air upgrades above level 1 require greater spire, this could be a little incline.
reducing morphing cost of Devourer and Guardian is very tricky. But its feels the better would be to have Devourer available earlier, its just then make no thematic sens

should has Zealot, HT and DT.
Dragoon should go to Robotic Facility. high templar should has a range concussive attack and replace Dragoon as a early range unit.

with High Templar being available earlier, having hallucination available earlier than Psionic Storm, we could use some use of this spell.

cheaper than 275/125 but im not sure what the exact numbers should be
Dark Archon
this could be an excellent unit, if Dark Archon would have Feedback as auto-attack (maybe also cheaper in mana cost (25?)). He would be used to counter all the spellcasters. Which would be very useful late game all the time.


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