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SCDB V1.5 - Starcraft Database Launcher
Nov 20 2018, 12:49 am
By: lifebot  

Nov 20 2018, 12:49 am lifebot Post #1

SCDB is a launcher utility (Similar to wLauncher) that runs in the background while Starcraft is running.

This tool is made by JPoker, the creator of EUD Editor 1/2.


In a nutshell, SCDB enables SCDB save/load triggers contained in a map, which allows the map to export death values to an encrypted file.

This file is generated automatically and stored on your hard drive, and also tied to your username. Another person cannot use your save file.

The most popular and iconic UMS map in Korea atm is Random Pyramid Defense, and this particular map is known to rely on SCDB to generate a user data file, which contains the information about the furthest round players have reached.

The current adaptation rate of SCDB in Korea is probably 80%+ of all custom map players due to more and more maps are built using SCDB triggers, which cannot be executed without SCDB running in the background.

How you can implement SCDB triggers in your map:

Go to Trigger Editor in EUD Editor 2

Click SCDB on top right. You will see the menu come up.

Write your name and the name of your map.

Now go to Deaths and select the death value (units) you want to be able to save/load.

Now simply make a trigger on TE, and under actions select custom and you will see SCDB:SaveData, SCDB:LoadData.

Using the action trigger SCDB:SaveData will export the death value you selected earlier for the active players.

Using the action trigger SCDB:LoadData will import the death value from the generated save file for the active players.

For the easiest possible method, you can try "Always" as a condition for load trigger and bringing a unit to a beacon for a save condition.

It's really easy. Just try it out and you'll get it


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Nov 20 2018, 1:57 pm MTiger156 Post #2

Thank you for finally releasing a translation of that software (I tried brute-forcing it a few months ago, but failed). However there may be one key point not mentioned here. I had conversed with one of the EUD Editor devs ("Armo") who stated this software only works on Windows 10. Can you confirm whether or not this remains a fact? Although older OS will slowly die out, they still exist in decent quantity today.

Nov 20 2018, 9:59 pm lifebot Post #3

It works on Windows 7, im using windows 7. I'm going to be releasing SCDB enabled Warbible soon as a demonstration.


Nov 20 2018, 11:51 pm MTiger156 Post #4

:omfg: :hurr: Awesome

Nov 26 2018, 4:19 am lifebot Post #5

Here are some currently known limitations:

- Valkyrie unit is disabled
- Cannot save a DC value exceeding 10000000


Dec 3 2018, 5:01 am Arta(M) Post #6

wut's tis

Quote from name:MEMBER

- Valkyrie is used by default MurakamiShiinaQC settings. You can change MSQC settings to use another unit in EUD Editor 2 - plugins menu.

maintaining euddraft and eudplib.
Armo#6637 at Discord :teehee:

Dec 7 2018, 6:55 am Ultraviolet Post #7

This is pretty great, I've got a working system with SCDB going in my early stages RPG map. I'm up to lvl 14. And it was so easy to implement, just two short triggers in EUD Editor 2 ^^

Dec 8 2018, 2:33 am lifebot Post #8

I'd like to report that more death values you attempt to save, there is an increased chance of abnormal values being loaded.

For example, you would try to save 1000 and it loads 999999 instead.

For now, the cause is rather random but it occurs more often when you're trying to save excessive amount of information.

I also noticed that when I added 5 death values to save, the 4th and the 5th death values would often load an incorrect value.

I've overcome the above issue by allowing users to re-load, as I did find out that continuous re-tries will eventually trigger a successful load.

In conclusion, it's better to save 1 or 2 death values at most. In an RPG map, this would be your Lvl/Exp and gold. The moment you try to do more than that (such as trying to save your entire inventory or etc), you are most likely going to run into some limitations.

The developer of the tool - JPoker, has acknowledged the current shortcomings and currently planning to update SCDB to V2.0


Dec 8 2018, 5:01 am Ultraviolet Post #9

Oh darn, I was planning on using it to save inventory :P

Dec 10 2018, 6:22 pm lifebot Post #10

A new version will be released. Stay tuned


Dec 11 2018, 11:47 pm MTiger156 Post #11

Yes, new update pleeease. My masterpiece requires 26 saved variables (only 8 of those are for inventory). If the game had infinite DC units, then I could put the entire "multiple characters" mechanic into SCDB. Sadly that isn't possible, so the save-code system still prevails. At least SCDB will be good for remembering the last character played... saves players a little bit of time.

Dec 13 2018, 3:34 pm lifebot Post #12

I suggest try using as many DC's as possible and test out it's current capability. I'm saving 5 DC's per player and it seems to be fine. Just make sure you don't make everyone load at the same time, but rather 1 by 1.


Feb 19 2019, 6:14 am Swampfox Post #13

What's the status of this? I'm unable to access your site.

I found the dl for it but I'm still curious, because more DC storage sounds very handy.

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Feb 19 2019, 2:23 pm lifebot Post #14

The developer will be releasing EUD Editor 3 as well with an updated version of SCDB that features server-side saving instead of locally generated save file.

Stay tuned


Jun 16 2019, 1:17 pm iDoodler Post #15

Quote from Ultraviolet
Oh darn, I was planning on using it to save inventory :P

You could still do this. Not sure what your idea for inventory, but you could store your whole inventory as a single value.

For instance if you have say... 8 different items(9 if you count empty) and 5 inventory slots.

Assuming 0 is your standard for an empty slot...
Slot1 = Has a value between 1-8 (ItemType1=1;ItemType2=2;ItemType3=3...)
Slot2 = Has a value between 9-72 (ItemType1=9;ItemType2=18;ItemType3=27...)
Slot3 = Has a value between 73-584 (ItemType1=73;ItemType2=146;ItemType3=219...)
Slot4 = Has a value between 585-4680 (ItemType1=585;ItemType2=1170;ItemType3=1755...)
Slot5 = Has a value between 4681-37448 (ItemType1=4681;ItemType2=9362;ItemType3=14043...)

Your minimum to maximum value for your inventory would be 0-42792.

So you can expand on this idea and have like 50+ items with like 8-10 inventory slots but since there is some max value limitations you'd have to store your inventory in multiple values.
I thought about making a pokemon game using this concept, so you can save your pokemon as well ask their stats/level. Its just such a big concept for 1 person to make alone though that I passed on the idea.

So I randomly generated a number between 0-42792: 34519

You read this by starting to check for largest value first which would be your ItemType8 for Slot5.
That value is 37448(4681*8) which is too large to divide into 34519.
The first value that can divide into it is 32767(4681*7;Slot5*ItemType7).

So now that you know Slot5 is ItemType7. You must now find the remaining value of your inventory 34519-32767=1752.
1752 is above the minimum value for Slot4 so you know you have an item in slot4. Going to gloss over the rest.
1752-1170(Slot4*ItemType2 Value)=582 [Slot4 has ItemType2]
582-511(Slot3*ItemType7 Value)=71 [Slot3 has ItemType7]
71-63(Slot2*ItemType7 Value)=8 [Slot2 has ItemType7]
8-8(Slot1*ItemType8 Value)=0 [Slot1 has ItemType8]
Once you reach a value of 0 you have fully loaded your inventory.

I'm sure this type of system has a name for this method but I haven't no idea. I just am aware of its existence and how to use it, but not its name.

You could build on this concept to like 50+ Items and 10+ Item Slots, but with the max value restriction of 10000000 you have to use multiple values.
I even though of a doing a Pokemon map, being able to save the level/stats of the pokemon that you have captured to the next game to continue training them.
Because of this you could have battles that would take you maybe like 50-200+hrs of gameplay before you can beat them like the Elite 4 or something like that.
And even have PvP so theres a competitive drive to keep playing. Anywho... Goodluck if you going to use this. If you need help just ask.

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So you've had issues with maps that were previously playable having issues with the latest patch as well? I was play testing one of my creations a couple days ago and it crashed the game, something it has never done before. Has me feeling kind of concerned about playability of custom content going forward :/
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