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SCDB V1.5 - Starcraft Database Launcher
Nov 20 2018, 12:49 am
By: lifebot  

Mar 2 2021, 12:35 am Ultraviolet Post #21

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Is using SCDB really at risk of resulting in players being banned? I'm not interested in using SCA, the requirement to connect via a third party server is a big no for me, so I was considering using the now defunct SCDB, but seeing your update to this thread has me concerned that SCDB would be problematic. I might just go to the old save/load code system. Tried and true and no third party verification nonsense required. I wonder if there are any plans to make it so SCA can function similarly to how SCDB functioned in the past? It's disappointing to see a concept that has so much potential implemented in a way that I (and I imagine others) would never use it.

Mar 2 2021, 4:27 am Oh_Man Post #22

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