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(help pls) Feedback remove shields
Nov 13 2018, 10:29 pm
By: Lagi  

Nov 13 2018, 10:29 pm Lagi Post #1

my Lords, if you find some time

I want Dark Archon Feedback spell also to target all protoss, and remove their shields, like targeted EMP (how to affect with energy+shielded protoss unit? I dont know, can be double damage i guess. edit: first deal damage, then zeroing shields)

here is the Feedback_spell.cpp (original, not yet massacred by me ^^ )

I can not go through the purple part (I think). It force my Darkon to choose energized victim :-(
void orders_Feedback(CUnit* unit) {

CUnit* target = unit->orderTarget.unit;

target != NULL &&
units_dat::BaseProperty[target->id] & UnitProperty::Spellcaster &&
!(target->status & UnitStatus::IsHallucination)

u16 techCost;
int sightRange = unit->getSightRange(true);

sightRange * 32,
0x532 //Must target units with energy


if(target->status & UnitStatus::IsHallucination) {
u8 overlaySize = hasOverlay(target);
replaceFeedbackSprite(target,overlaySize + SpriteId::Feedback_Hit_Small);
else { //F6DE3

if(target->energy <= 0)
else {

target->energy = 0;

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