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Space Gladiator Arena
Jul 19 2018, 11:54 pm
By: Wormer  

Jul 19 2018, 11:54 pm Wormer Post #1

Space Gladiator Arena

This is a small quick arena game where you control a corsair. Been playing this on USWest and had lots of fun. Won't be putting long boring descriptions: GET THE MAP.


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[06:51 am]
Pr0nogo -- if the person joins my server they'll be able to get all the modding info they need, since very few people mod in SEN's server afaik
[06:44 am]
Pr0nogo -- no real idea though, i haven't explored that yet
[06:44 am]
Pr0nogo -- can't be done on scr probably
[06:44 am]
Pr0nogo -- they can but you need to set them up in a specific way
[06:44 am]
jjf28 -- like not necessarily turrets/cannons, but whether any building (CC/barracks/forge) could be given a weapon
[06:42 am]
Pr0nogo -- what does 'random buildings' mean
[06:42 am]
jjf28 -- o someone was curious if you could give random buildings weapons somehow
[06:41 am]
Pr0nogo -- what did you need
[06:40 am]
jjf28 -- kay
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