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ATTENTION we seriously recquire some MASTER ARTISTS
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Jul 10 2018, 9:23 pm
By: ZoltanMatey  

Jul 10 2018, 9:23 pm ZoltanMatey Post #1

and computational scientists too working on various things

the task is to have various levels of organisation and supervision of active artist masters activities

we would need a petition if there is a government department in relation to media work including videogame and film media :massimo:

we can see various features of nature, natural psychology and cathegorization of truth and information in nature

some levels of categoriations have artwork composition-wise limited ammounts while compared to others wich have way higher ammounts of artistic possibilities in information content

there are various things to point out
one central important thing is categorization of fit compositions for artistic styles

for example, we could be in reality inventing clothes, various designs of shirts or pants for instance, and then other combinations of clothes wich are artisticly fit... somehow we would determine the clothes would fit and the population utilizing those clothes walking on the street for instance would be looking alright (psychologiwise or so).. experienced people can take a look or think about the overall picture and they can have educated opinions about it, wether one way is good or not

either way, this is an example of look appearance of walking characters, such as even real life persons

this is not different a lot in video games, where there are variable styles HOWEVER there are different type of video games wich require variable types of artistic work WHICH HOWEVER in case of fantasy or fiction must not look like clothing in reality, it must differ in a number of ways in appearance (at least to a naturally well adept "observer")

SO different video games often mean different set of styles shown in each

so have a number of different styles for those games, as well as different from the fantasygames, styles wich are utilized in reality

reality is larger style.. for what i can say reality is a bit more like peasent a bit more like downtoearth hunter in style, or such an ammount of roughness felt about it, when looking at otherwise civilian or officials clothing or utilities equipment and so forth

as an additional about reality compared to video games, is dat we have more different timeperiods of artstyle in reality compared to the number of different periods per each franchise (of video game or motion picture)

music is another story, yes it has its style but music itself.. yet maybe somehow distinct from videogames, however music has some types of rythms and it is more simple compared to image but not by such an ammount more simple (because image or style realy is static a bit, although there is articulation of the body and so forth)

for the work humans even now have inbuilt instinct and feeling wich is telling of mental faculties

a simple kind of feeling everyone or almost everyone has is the feeling associated with the word


can you feel it? it maybe different in different context but its one
one can have perhaps complex feelings like i have about some compositions and harmonies at least with mental practice.. wich we can utilize in a sort of natural way

other then dat, we have some computers working on various statistics levels and some higher style levels too

i would imagine perhaps just a few person here may find it at least amusing

i will have numbered UPDATES to this post about things important to note (or feels like so within the current construct)
the redshirt guy on youtube is pretty good also i think



we realy need to change the way we look at women or females of general type. They must be something like a special sort, but also wild but also bitches some correct mixture

we cant yet genetically engineer or program the development of nervous system, or can we, but in the future it is an important composition, for now i guess there is simply some selfishness more then not yet perhaps altered to have a belief too, so selfishness, but with belief if they dont personally have chance of robbing off others from their organs (for replacing their own eventually). it could be different though

i have noticed there are sort of like girlish things or girl style or girly things to do even, i cant list it but there are more then male ones, it is also an onging research

we would mix these girly qualities together with the general intermediete to uppermiddle wildish design of females (or so) [up untill then, we have the type of women with their interests as we have]



our overall progress should be great, well, and smooth enough with rythm

on one hand, overall we are humans BUT there maybe or more likely breeder species, who are great, i named their transitioned state the Raa-zaa-go

this is not entirely descriptive name, they are perhaps with furr and multicoloured skin too, or their humans at least

we are with skin, special types as possible but we are detectives too in it (like so, in a way)

we have some of the special hair.. or some of the hair this for sure

we have braveness, some crazies or such persons, and we have strength with braveness

we prize servitude, good mannerism and a good sense of humour (in select persons, servant of our cause and artwork)

for some there is religious belief or various religious beliefs wich we honour as well

what the breeder majestic species should find is gradual way of a rave towards universe and soul belief systems and we also should have some variant of soul belief system, even though this later is fairly complex

ultimately what we need is a feeling, a state not just for one individual but for numerous, in wich and when they are raving over the composition, the feeling of life, feeling of universe and the battle, all these felt, and you find it great, and we have thus a BRAIN CORE or brainseed technology created too

sometimes in the future

FOR NOW THOSE THINGS WICH WE HAVE and also some maybethings and a moderate ammount of some type of skins

and we have our own artwork what we pursued as a whole species of multiple
nations, and we have cybernetics nowadays (various functioning mode of artificial intelligence, or of natural intelligence too, mindprogramming of memorirecall chains.. you remember something reminding you of a thing? dats subconscious mindparts acting wich enable this memory you remembered.. now not only memory but some imagination or feelings can be enabled, and thus building a beutifull program, and it all (in composition and procedure) will fit with the atmosphere of this clothing shop, music shop and gamer station and video rental, and perhaps giftshop if we want it advanced)

THE overall look and mannerism to it will be fit. but also fit with our museum (helical organisation of a large ammount of historical recordings and pieces, reproduced on numerous space station parks)

we have home like spacestation, semi mlilitary but homes, longing, living in space, dats the feel, having technology having plants (few for such) symbolic of our collaboration with the great good intermediete species



ON TOPIC of media artwork, there are basicly scenarios compositions of stylized artpieces put together of various styles sometimes.

Artwork can be decoration or painting with a "metaphoric" meaning too, symbols of the universe (you can find symbols in rendomized dust or smudges even in food sometimes, i found a lot at some times)

Artwork can be clothing styles, artwork can be equipment, utility in functioningtypes or styles, for some or some levels of naturalinformatics there are a few geometric compositions, for some other things or other levels there are more compositions

As for videogames, there is science fiction, where there are possibilities beyond the scope of this universe or perhaps so, THEN also it is befitting to have some unique artstyles associated with those novell possibilities, or unique physics, something to go together as artwork expressing the possibility (for this we must study psychology, not only of humans but of other species as well, because how the psyche would associate forms of artwork with the fact and logic of those possibilities)

as for other species depicted in artwork, the possible shapes are exhausted to a large degree (in various somewhat mediocre artwork), what could be still considered sound, and somehow natural, or alien natural, those were explored sometimes a range of it, accross a range of different media, or videogames

we should at important times, or so so, make a distinction between monsters of science fiction, fantasy, and monsters of lesser fiction (closer toreality), quite down to earth video game universes (or aliens of those, or other people of those, or standard high civilization people as well, all must be distinct accross genres)

now we have a bunch of games with various impressions, and those are or will be archived and recombined, something taking up their place (new media) but this ALSO COMES with other things

such as, the media has an impression in other people and extraterrestrials, the impression means some politics maybe based on this, some lifehabbits too, it may encourage correct mindset (we will be "devil" and not "Satan" and not "evil" but "devil" worshippers to some limited extent, and we will be destroyers, destroying a made enemy population, those humans in the future made to specification as enemies, - at some point perhaps, there will have natures way to it, nature will select besides us, and then we have a set of personalities,.. this selection i admit will have to be elaborate)

as for politics of artwork we will have some alteration to genetics and shapes regulations on shapes of us and our coalition partners from other species of this vast universe (the foundation is solid, this evolution alone has a predecessor on a far away planet and a recombinant another far away planet, with particles landing on this planet and on others as well, and NOW THERE ARE HUMANS with the possible prolly existing breeder species)

as masster artists we are also polihistor to an extent and politicians at least, consider this the Wow! signal received from this galaxy!_signal
read on, this WAS NOT DECYPHERED it would be decypherable if its aliens wanting to communicate realy, INSTEAD it is recognisably artificial
for decryption there is need for some basic, advanced science as well as utilization of found naturally occuring (here too maybe) SYMBOLS

BUT, BUT BUT, HOWEVER, we could figure we are not smart enough, and they are however smarter, BUT how smart is dat? or was it reproduced by somebodies equipment only wich was detectable on earth? meaning conflict there was? dats a quirky way of timecapsule
there is always carefullness.. so they are willing to forgive crimes of most powerfull, or at least true of those reproducing the signal [just whatever about the lower level criminals right?] well of course we must see about the lower level too if they have style and worth but.. but this alien standpoint however, is realy good ! they know us, THEY HAVE HISTORY, AND THEY HAVE PROTEINS AS WELL, and something what we dont have
A M A Z I N G ! ! !

BUT this is just a note important for artwork, THEY HAVE MORE and they have art, and we have what we was dedicating ourselves too, and just how great are those who are breeders here (universal, like the predator movie only different somewhat,) and they also have likewise natural, dont they have? dats an intercelestial marriage or tree something, in metaphoric statistic shape recognitoin way of thinking (i am quite excited)
they are big, and we are smaller, we stick to reading the signs and we stick to more high computation RIGHT? and this is how we refine our artwork
documentation, documentation, and the right way of thinking about us, our intellect, and artificial intelligence and our cause and our boundaries and our standpoint (artistic and physical boundaries)

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Jul 10 2018, 10:03 pm Lanthanide Post #2

This is getting into time-cube levels of diatribe (or perhaps TempleOS).

Some text from the attached document that caught my eye:

Approximate for five sixth population of good/ok
- 1 ammount men
- 0.25 ammount special gender or men with special
- 2 ammount phallic women with female hole
- 1 ammount phallic women without female hole
- 1 ammount clitoral women with clitoral spot
- 1 ammount clitoral women with small clit extention
- 1 ammount vulval women with glands
- 1 ammount kloakal women with appropriate trenches and glandular surface
- 1 ammount kloakal women who ejects outside with modified kloakal canal


Jul 10 2018, 11:27 pm ZoltanMatey Post #3

Quote from Lanthanide
This is getting into time-cube levels of diatribe (or perhaps TempleOS).

Some text from the attached document that caught my eye:

Approximate for five sixth population of good/ok
- 1 ammount men
- 0.25 ammount special gender or men with special
- 2 ammount phallic women with female hole
- 1 ammount phallic women without female hole
- 1 ammount clitoral women with clitoral spot
- 1 ammount clitoral women with small clit extention
- 1 ammount vulval women with glands
- 1 ammount kloakal women with appropriate trenches and glandular surface
- 1 ammount kloakal women who ejects outside with modified kloakal canal

the logic is simple

we cant just have equal numbers of males and females, such being somewhat ugly, besides there should have other genders

but however if we need gender we need perhaps full set of organs at a first glance, but then instead we just need more capacity on making children, so primarily female gender, 3 eiths of whom have female phallic extention

but perhaps a more suitable setup would be prefered on the overall longterm scale for the good population (cause also there will be a slaugthered exploited opposition population for infinitely murdering cause i am evilish a bit)


ok, we could have maybe 1 male 1.25 female 0.25 special other gendersort, where the female would have gland and maybe clithoral spot, cause right now, if you havent noticed, they have a small dick basicly, with its own foreskin on its small clithead..
dats not very elegant, and even they play with it but since its small, they use only 2 fingers.. needless to detail.. indeed, but anyway, this means a somewhat masculine feature .. for now for the women, eitherway

i have discovered a few things other then this such as harsh personality a bit, but not always, even then, when being realy nice it comes from care instinct, or care for "sick puppies" or maybe almost sick puppies, although this is just right i believe.

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Jul 11 2018, 12:27 am Lanthanide Post #4

Ok. I understand now.


Jul 16 2018, 4:58 pm ZoltanMatey Post #5

I updated the first post


Jul 16 2018, 9:20 pm Lanthanide Post #6

Now I don't understand.


Jul 16 2018, 10:11 pm ZoltanMatey Post #7

i just explained on main standpoint


and politics


Jul 16 2018, 11:13 pm Ultraviolet Post #8

Don't stop till you get enough

I feel so confused after reading this :???:

Jul 16 2018, 11:39 pm Generalpie Post #9

Staredit Puckwork



Jul 17 2018, 12:49 am Doodan Post #10

SEN Con 2019 playbook?


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