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EUDs: Changing Weapon Graphics
Jul 10 2018, 7:58 pm
By: Ultraviolet  

Jul 10 2018, 7:58 pm Ultraviolet Post #1

Man I cannot seem to figure this one out: is there a way to make an attack use a building explosion graphic when it hits? I am trying to use EUDs to change the image the corrosive acid hit has, but nothing seems to actually change what it looks like in game. I've tried modifying the corrosive acid hit sprite to use image 332 "Explosion2 (Small)", nothing. I then tried changing the corrosive acid hit image to use grp file 217 and iscript id 142 (for Explosion2 (Small)), no results there either. I was using the Korean English EUD Editor combined with Tarferi's translator to do this. I also tried changing the drawing functions for the shot and the hit to use remapping with ofire.pcx, with no visible results. I tried this last one with both the English version of the Korean EUD Editor and Tarferi's EPD trigger maker. Didn't work with either. Can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.

Jul 10 2018, 10:09 pm Lanthanide Post #2

I've have a look at this tonight, which will be ~8-10 hours from now.

What you want to do is definitely possible, however the resultant weapon may not deal any damage. Which makes it mostly useless if you wanted to use it as anything other than a graphical effect.


Jul 11 2018, 11:57 pm Ultraviolet Post #3

Gotcha. Yeah, I'm not really interested in the effect if the weapon won't do any damage. I'm thinking of just approaching the problem differently for an easier, slightly less exciting solution. I'm planning to use some terran air unit, mod its attack to be splash and spawn it directly over what I want to attack then kill it to get the explosion.

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pallfy -- use bgh
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pallfy -- Wow thanks
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Suicidal Insanity -- On game start you could detect who is at which start location, store that in switches / dcs, and use that to permanently force alliances. Lots of combinations though
[09:43 pm]
MTiger156 -- That 2v2v2v2 mapping problem does sound like an interesting challenge. Its worth putting some experimentation into. I could make an example map for combining locked alliances (based on lobby forces) + random start location. Though an EUD solution would be the most efficient, I will avoid that for the sake of simplicity.
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NudeRaider -- *compromises
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NudeRaider -- pallfy
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well, that's the gist of sc mapping. Either accept the limits sc sets for you and work within those parameters, or get creative and find complicated solutions to achieve what you want. The latter can be most satisfying. Sometimes comprised are inevitable though. Also see my respnse in the thread.
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pallfy -- thanks, but that sounds complicated
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pallfy -- hey raider
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hard to believe that they are predators with almost no enemies in the wild
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