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StarCraft: Interbellum Custom Campaign
Jun 14 2018, 2:13 pm
By: Juxtapose  

Nov 24 2019, 1:02 am Juxtapose Post #21

Quote from Zincoshine
As part of my quest to review all starcraft campaigns ever made with a hint of potential, I have just finished going over your campaign. It is very well done! It is a great breath of fresh air after playing the abomination that is starcraft - antebellum. It is one of the best campaigns without a custom exe that I've ever seen. Indeed, this campaign's biggest weakness is the lack of a custom exe for adding customisations for nova and iszha and others. Here you will find a brief evaluation of your campaign along with all the others I've reviewed so far:

Thank you kindly @Zincoshine, both for playing and reviewing my Campaign! I'm glad you overall enjoyed it, and appreciate your feedback.

To date, this is my first (and only) Custom Campaign I've made, and I set out to accomplish a few things with it: to tell an interesting, compelling, and believable story that bridges the original game into the sequel, and to create a project that would allow me to learn how to use both StarEdit and scmDraft.

Thus, I purposely limited myself to no custom exe and decided to use what was actually present in the default editors. Given that limitation, I'm extremely pleased with the results, and I had a lot of fun making it. I made sure to use all the tilesets to experience working in them, and as I'm sure you noticed I varied the mission design and objectives to present new challenges and learning opportunities for me in using Triggers.

I'm sorry you also have had such trouble with Mission 06. My Campaign is meant to be a Veteran level Campaign, and Mission 06 is one of, if not the, hardest Mission in the Campaign. It is indeed a tribute to Enslavers: Dark Vengeance as you noted. While it can be defeated without Arbiters (using Corsairs, Carriers, and Shuttles to drop ground units), it's _much_ easier with them.

You can watch my own playthrough of the Mission here:

The playthrough is from start to finish, no reloading of saves.

Again, thank you for playing!


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