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Chowdere's Insane Hunters (5v3)
Apr 19 2018, 4:48 am
By: Chowdere  

Apr 19 2018, 4:48 am Chowdere Post #1

Play as up to 5 human players versus 3 computer players. The computers have a big of a leg-up thanks to some crafty triggering but nothing too absurd (e.g. upgrades are limited to 3, build times are the same, no heroes, et cetera). Good luck and please report any bugs!

Originally created by pika_koro, with some heavy editing by yours truly.

Download here:

You're gonna need everybody for this one!

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Apr 19 2018, 3:20 pm Nekron Post #2

Military units spawned with triggers become guards: the AI tries to retrain guards periodically if they're missing from their spot, and otherwise transforms them into military units (attack/defense). I don't really know much guards do you eventually spawn, but their limit is 1000(globally), and beyond that newly spawned units will get frozen and idle for the AI. Guards dont get removed until they die 3 times while performing guard duty (so, NOT being in attacks/actively defending; just standing near their guard post)

You're using a script with the ID of TB2B in a nuke-related trigger; you might think it's needed since blizzard used it before nuking, but the fact is the script is just an empty start_town idle script, and nuking as often as possible is a default AI town behaviour (which is already covered by running the insane script). The only thing it effectively does is it screws over the purple terran's request log and makes him upgrade slower etc.

If you want to be fancy and increase the AI's attacks naturally w/o using suicides, you might consider using a few ZB2A scripts for the terran (mainly basic units + medics added to attacks) (they would need to be used before the insane script in the trigger, but not with a wait; just above it in the action list), or use ZB5A/B scripts for the zerg once it acquires all tech (both scripts just make the AI attack rapidly with small groups of zerg units, using most zerg tech) or try using Protoss 7 / 8 - Left Town scripts on newly-created teal expansions (they both would increase the AI's attacks noticeably but I'm not quite sure how using them mid-game would work, usually just do it at the start)

Btw, teal seems to feel that there's not enough space on the map and sometimes stops upgrading because he can't find space to place cannons in expansions :V

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