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Dragon Ball Z - All Sagas (Remastered)
Apr 4 2018, 2:37 am
By: MTiger156  

Apr 4 2018, 2:37 am MTiger156 Post #1


4/3/2018 (Published to SEN)
-Terrain: 100%
-Stats & Balance: 50%
-Triggers: 10%
-Overall: 20%

-Terrain: 100%
-Stats & Balance: 60%
-Triggers: 30%
-Overall: 40%
(Transformations complete, starting EUD skills)

Finalized list of EUD skills (Implementation pending):
Goku - Kaioken / Kamehameha / Dragon Fist
Vegeta - Destructo Disk / Big Bang / Final Flash
Piccolo - Special Beam Cannon / Regenerate / Afterimage
Future Trunks - Burning Blast / Shining Sword / Super Ghost Kamikaze
Gohan - Rage / Masoken / Solar Flare
(All skills are official abilities from DBZ lore)

-EUD Skills implementation almost done. Below are a few of the custom buttons in their final(?) design.

(A demo is possible when Triggers reach 70%)
ETA: End of April, 2018

What is DBZ All Sagas?
Back in StarCraft's prime, this was one of the most popular map concepts. The game revolved around training your fighter (Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Trunks, Goten, Gohan, etc) in a variety of ways to build Power Level, which increases your stats and unlocks powerful transformations. Then, you are tasked with defeating the major villains of DBZ lore (Ginyu Force, Frieza, Androids, Cell, Buu, etc). Most often, the map would start at the Ginyu Saga and end with the Buu Saga. The key to victory was to optimize your training periods and use micro tactics to defeat villains.

The Major Flaws It Had
Because of StarCraft's limitations, the combat in these maps has always lacked true excitement, or epicness. All you have to do is train properly then go to the sagas to kill enemies. The fights (especially late game) lasted at most 10 seconds because of the extremely high damage output the players and villains have.
In addition, there were many complaints about the map duration being wayyyy too long (sometimes lasting an hour). This was mainly caused by the long training periods between sagas.
The map concept is good, but its execution has never been great.

Overhauls To Be Made
-Speed: I will make the map play a lot faster by reducing timers between sagas. All units will have increased movement and attack speeds, promoting high-level micro in combat. Training will be simplified and sped up.

-Transformations and Skills: All form transformations can be done from a single building that contains a custom (EUD) buttonset. Just select the building and click a button to transform. Each fighter will also have skills that can be unlocked over time (also uses a building with EUD buttonset). These are flashy attacks that provide burst damage or utility, but they will cost a decent amount of Ki Energy.

-Combat: Villains will also have custom skills you need to look out for. Some might activate when surrounded, while others could activate at low health. This will greatly contribute to combat variety and excitement.

Map-Specific Notes
-Players: 1-5
-Tileset: Badlands
-Size: 256x256
-File Size: Roughly 18 MB (as of 4/16/18)
-The EUD buildings are placed where the transformation beacons used to be (bottom-right).
-Trunks and Goten will not be playable. Instead, Future Trunks will take their place. This decision allows the map's story to make more sense up to the Cell Saga. This will also be the first time Future Trunks is playable.
-Thus, the fighter lineup in this version will be: Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Future Trunks, Gohan.
-Optional fights: You can choose to challenge Super Android 13 and LSSJ Brolly from the training menu. They are very strong opponents that must be fought alone. If you can beat them, you gain a massive amount of Power (and unlock the Ultimate Form for certain fighters). Each player may only defeat them once.

I will add lots of custom sounds to make the game more immersive. Also included is a heavy soundtrack to further increase the intensity.
Songs include:
Official 1995 DBZ Opening Theme
Ghosts - Celldweller
One Good Reason - Celldweller
Own Little World - Celldweller
Shapeshifter - Celldweller
One Step Closer - Linkin Park
Break Stuff - Limp Bizkit

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Apr 4 2018, 2:53 am Pauper Post #2

I am super excited about this map. I was never a fan of the show but i love maps like this. Mini town d was very similar. Looking forward to this!

Alias: Oo.Pauper.oO - Mp)Madness - Bitz - p00pyjoel

Apr 7 2018, 5:54 pm lifebot Post #3

looking forward to try the demo version


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Lanthanide -- D2 sound design not nearly as good, but it's a far faster game
[08:58 pm]
Lanthanide -- most of the monsters were very distinct just from their sounds (vipers were a bit meh, in particular), and given the slow methodical nature of D1, listening for monster sounds played a big part in how you progressed
[08:57 pm]
Lanthanide -- Diablo 1 had amazing sound design, skeletons sounded so great to kill
[08:57 pm]
Lanthanide -- if you listen to SC2 sound effects, particularly spells via an mpqeditor, they're all just generic womps and wisp sounds
[08:56 pm]
Lanthanide -- the sounds in SC1 are a bit cartoony, like d.matrix and irradiate sound effects, but they clearly stand-out from anything else in the game
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Pr0nogo -- yeah, hard to do worse than FK
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Voyager7456 -- so this'll be a step up then
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Pr0nogo -- @voy i can't believe you'd request that i stream that map when i've been playing fucking flame knives for 3-4 hours twice a week smh
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Pr0nogo -- so when a bunch of explosions are the same (sc2) you're not going to be able to read things as easily
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Pr0nogo -- sound is a big part of readability too, especially in 3d games where readability tanks due to incompetent graphics artists (and all blizz games have pretty ass particles, see war3 etc)
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