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Project: Hydra
Feb 19 2018, 12:03 am
By: Pr0nogo
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Jun 16 2018, 7:37 pm Pr0nogo Post #41


Map 4
-Fixed duplicate transmissions
-Fixed not being able to commandeer vehicles after disks were secured if you only had one technician left
-Fixed Flag Beacon unit info pane
-Added more ambient events

Jun 22 2018, 3:57 pm Pr0nogo Post #42

As the latest patch broke samase exes, I've shipped an emergency update to the Hydra mod. I will be shipping a larger update later today.

Jun 22 2018, 6:24 pm Pr0nogo Post #43

tutorial text updated
mission objectives updated with every phase requirement
academy mineral cost reset to 150 (from 200)

orange overlords patrol

orange clusters fortify after a short time
orange defends more efficiently in the late game

the ultralisk is invincible until the hack is carried out

Confeds keep their bunkers staffed until they lose their command centers

Antigan bases fall more regularly
orange and chestnut attack the player(s) more frequently

fix: second emitter spawns when first is planted
fix: Confed base requests duplicate
fix: beacons ask for defense prior to the emitter being planted
zerg enrage miniscene now pings during the transmission
additional production structure requests for Confed AI
Sienna AI now nukes more frequently in the late game
Confeds keep their bunkers staffed until they lose their command centers

fix: rare desync/freeze due to dat requirements
one supply depot has been added to each player base
players gain control of their bases as soon as they land
one depleted geyser has been added to each mango base
non-mango Confeds keep their bunkers staffed until they lose their command centers
Ackmed exists (fix this please)
Mengsk unit responses have siege tank background sfx
white now takes control of three strategic points as you destroy more Confeds

Jul 8 2018, 11:24 am Pr0nogo Post #44

8 July 2018:

fix: firebats not available for player 2
update: improve resource placement for player 2
update: zerg AI expands earlier into the game; is more aggressive

update: improve resource placement for both players
update: chestnut expands earlier into the game; is more aggressive

fix: bottom right base doesn't morph creep colony to sunken colony
update: chestnut expands into player 1's natural if allowed

fix: orange and yellow units ignore Duke's army/base when nearby
fix: chestnut expansions (replacing purple) hang early in-script
fix: purple towns survive too long
update: improve resource placement for both players
update: orange script rewritten to increase difficulty + consistency
new: south mineral-only claimed by orange early on

fix: zerg survive too long without emitter plant
fix: specific brown bunkers not being staffed
fix: brown script running at improper location
fix: ackmed spawning too early! go away ackmed!!!

fix: inaccurate briefing objectives

Jul 10 2018, 6:27 am Pr0nogo Post #45

I am aware of some issues with t06 and have a fix in the works. After I get some feedback from my testers I'll post it here, should be within a day or so.

Jul 12 2018, 12:43 pm Pr0nogo Post #46

I've begun testing the 9th mission on my discord server. If you'd like to help test and give feedback, join up and check it out!

12 July update:

update: improve AI expansion safety checks

new: orange takes low ground mineral-only if allowed

fix: raynor slowly degenerates life

new: sienna takes top right expansion if allowed

fix: inconsistent issue where duke's base falls prey to a bored idle guardian
fix: inconsistent issue where chestnut fails to expand to purple bases if a command center dies
update: increase minerals in player bases, northeast and southeast expansions, and in chestnut area town north of player 2
update: delay ensnare and spawn broodling research times, improve spellcasting logic for chestnut
update: add weaker early attacks to all AI to increase scale-up time
update: broodlings no longer spawn out of caves (die nekron)
update: depopulate starting bases to increase scale-up time
update: siege mode no longer researched for players
update: reduce starting resources in singleplayer
update: shorten opening and closing cutscenes
update: reduce chestnut guardian count
new: first appearance of experimental "smart" targeting; orange really hates tanks!

new: sienna takes middle expansion if allowed

Jul 22 2018, 4:13 am Pr0nogo Post #47

update: Kerrigan benefits from Medstims
update: Kerrigan no longer regenerates life without Medstims

fix: creep under minerals in north zerg cluster

new: hi

Aug 1 2018, 3:27 pm Pr0nogo Post #48

Next update should include map 10 unless a serious bug is found between now and then. For now, I've shipped the following changes:

neurostims now slightly reduces energy lost by cloaking

update: co-op player now purple, AI ally now white

update: co-op player now purple, neutral terran now white

fix: AI ally stops attacking if scarlet is destroyed before sienna (and other weird things)

add: upgrades for hero spell damage to science facility
update: improve purple psi storm spellcasting
fix: 'wax zerg' transmission sometimes plays without the players interacting with the zerg
fix: rare bug that prevented saving if a town existed without any units assigned to it
fix: bad tyrian attacks in early-game

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