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Desert Strike Night Remastered
Feb 2 2018, 10:48 pm
By: Lanthanide  

Feb 2 2018, 10:48 pm Lanthanide Post #1

Desert Strike Night - Remastered

I made the popular Desert Strike Night Fixed, which is still available here:

I got a bit burned out on map-making, and ran out of ideas that I could implement within the bounds of 1.16.1 SC without EUD actions. Now that SC:RM is out with EUD support, a huge number of possibilities have been opened up, and so I've come back to Starcraft mapping to update my map with many new features and ideas.

At present I have a rough release plan ahead for new features. The order they're delivered in may not reflect this listing.
  • Initial release - flattened tech tree for each race, many quality of life improvements. For the most part, unit changes are 'back end' things such as changing damage types, changing unit scores and attack ranges. Some larger unit changes, such as Hellion (vulture with a flamethrower-style attack), void ray and banshee made AtG attacks only with weapon changes, Marauder (firebat) changed to ground-only explosive missile attack as per SC2 (no slow effect, though), War Pigs removed and reapers scaled back.

  • Change income mechanics, so instead of building assimilator / extractor / refinery, each player has a Khaydarin Crystal Formation building that they can build workers from, and use an upgrade to increase their income. Hatchery, CC, Nexus + vespene buildings will be removed. All terran add-ons to be directly buildable, with a 'self-destruct' option to get cash back, and buildings will no longer be liftable. Spectre unit for terran, doing high GtA damage and moderate GtG damage, permanently cloaked sarah-kerrigan base graphic.

  • Updates of hero units to do new things possible via EUD. I've been collecting ideas myself, but welcome any suggestions. Moderate changes to some units expected at this time as well, eg Zerg Devourer will be given a spore-colony style attack and renamed as Zerg Corrupter, per SC2. Attempt to improve spell casting diversity of the AI, including making base spells (dark swarm, d.matrix, maelstrom etc) researchable instead of enabled by default.

  • Instant sharing of unit upgrades with units on the field and allies, rather than waiting until your next spawn. Unit upgrades and techs will be a focus of this release, changing costs, moving between buildings, probably adding some new upgrades.

  • Possible new bombard ability initiated via the player, from the khaydarin crystal formation building. The player will get a limited number of shots, where clicking somewhere on the battle field will kill enemy units (and/or heal friendly ones, or do other spell effects, perhaps race-specific).

  • Perhaps 1 additional hero per race

It's likely there may be changes to the way the specials work too, once I have some good concept ideas. I'm not super happy with the terran one, so ideas are welcome there. Also would be nice to come up with some ideas for how Zerg Infestation could differ from Protoss special. Specials could be upgradeable somehow.

Bugs fixed from Desert Strike Night Fixed
  • Leaderboards for team gas built, and units spawned per player now fixed
  • There were a few (7-8) erroneous high-ground tiles in the middle battlefield area, at the edges of the basicalla tile transitions. They were all separate tiles except for a small cluster of 3 in the mid centre. This will have resulted in 30% miss chance for ground units on the standard ground that attacked units on the high ground. All tiles were replaced with their standard-height equivalents.
  • If two Silo Brutalisks were released at once, and one explodes on top of the other, the 2nd one could become stuck in place for ~10-20 seconds. I made a trigger change that should fix this behaviour but haven't verified it.
  • The mothership would sometimes spawn a Kakaru that could fly around the map before being killed after a second or so. This kakaru is now killed instantly.
  • Minor display bugs around initial selection of single/double mineral rate fixed
  • Colossus renamed to Reaver everywhere (was 1/2 done previously)
  • When Night Defense is destroyed, say enemy Night Temple is vulnerable, not enemy Fortress.

Quality of life improvements
  • An EUD vision trick removes the need for Map Revealer units to be permanently on the map. This frees up about 120 unit slots, a significant gain against map-max.
  • Applied an EUD trick to make the "This player spawns next" beacon larger on the minimap, and also change appearance to represent the players race. This change allowed a reduction of 8 of these units on the map.
  • Remove creep requirements for all zerg builings. Only the hatchery spawns creep any more. Creep colonies remain in the game for now (spawning Broodlings)
  • All zerg buildings no longer consume the drone upon construction. Removed larva from lair and hive as a result. Adjusted building costs as drones are no longer part of the cost. Capped player larva at 3 instead of 6 (helps towards unit cap).
  • Remove PSI requirements for all protoss buildings. Pylon remains in the game for now (spawning probes)
  • Workers no longer require supply to be built, removed supply from CC & Supply depot etc. Overlords no longer buildable as not required.
  • Moved CC/Nexus/Hatchery + vespene income buildings to the workers main command card. These are planned to be removed entirely in future update (see release schedule above).
  • Moved special buildings to workers main command card & gave different build icon. These aren't part of the normal tech tree. Nuclear silo is now built as a standalone building by SCV, instead of as an add-on.
  • All special and hero buildings no longer have any tech tree requirements.
  • Spore colony and Lair directly buildable by drone instead of as mutations from hatchery/creep colony. Sunken colony replaced by Mature Crysalis building, also directly buildable. Creep colony has not point except for broodlings.
  • Hybrid destroyer is now medium so more susceptible to concussive units, also coloured differently from regular units.
  • When selecting double mineral rate (default), special prices are now updated to their correct price; no need for auto-destroy trigger now.
  • If selecting to play with specials disabled, they are now directly unbuildable with message saying why; no need for auto-destroy trigger now.
  • Version number now prominently displayed in minimap when in the game lobby.
  • Workers can no longer gather, although when SCV or drone build refinery/extractor, they will automatically begin mining.
  • Insta-spawn powerup is now a mobile unit, no longer requiring a worker to pick it up. Cost of insta-spawn increased to $300 * [mines+1]. Energy added to the unit, and now displays at the actual cost / 10, to make it easy to know how much it'll cost to use (error messages when cost not met still exist however).
  • Boom ammo (civilian) now a single-select unit, a la powerups. So when you have multiple booms, it's now easier to only select 1 to run onto the beacon.
  • Buildings now display their armor with an icon, instead of being in the building name.

New Features section only includes things that aren't better placed on the "New Balancing" or "Quality of life improvement" sections, hence why it's fairly short.
New Features
  • Overhauled tech trees for each race, now much flatter. Zerg is still the flattest and Protoss the tallest, but there are now more opening tech paths available. Strings have been updated to help guide players with new tech tree.
  • Zerg have a new building, Overmind Cocoon, which creates 1 Lurker. It requires a hydralisk den to be built, and Lurker Aspect to be researched before it can be built. Lurker research will transfer between players at spawn time (I intend to disable this in future releases). Lurker has been removed from the queen's nest.
  • Photon cannon attacks by the Night Defense are now a bit cooler; shoot double shots, slower and seek their targets and faster cooldown. Should be approximately the same strength as previously, but looks more awesome. This allowed reduction of 4 buildings from map (-1 cannon and -1 pylon per temple).
  • Night temple is now a 4x6 building instead of 3x7. Hopefully this'll improve pathing and ease of attacking from units by having a greater front-facing perimeter. Appears 'ally cloaked' until the night defense is destroyed.

New Balancing
  • Central 'Fixed by Lanthanide' mature crysalis in center of map has been replaced with a permanent mini-scanner sweep + spinning doodad, providing detection for both teams in a 5 tile radius at the centre of the map. This covers a lot (but not all) of the space between the prisons. The idea being to reduce the strength of cloaked units somewhat and prevent players from having to scramble for detectors as much.
  • The Hybrid Prison cell now has 0 traditional armor, but instead has armor that reduces all incoming damage by 66%. Some units now also have this type of armor (see balance section).
  • Hybrid Prison has 500 shields added, Resource silo has 250 shields added, both buildings have HP reduced by same amount. Shields take 100% damage from all damage types so this makes the cell a bit softer for the first few waves of units, particularly units that deal Concussive damage. This also means that if the enemy gets to your silo and can only do a little bit of damage to it, that they may not breach the shields and the damage may be recovered. I didn't want to make the shields values too high (or add to night defense / temple) because EMP drains all shields in 1 hit.
  • Night defense now regens HP as per zerg units, so early pushes that are successfully repelled against will not be as damaging.
  • Silo Brutalisk has faster cooldown (10 from 15), ignore's target armor and has a modest splash radius of 6/9/12.
  • All hero units have had their hero tags removed. This will have affected how they behave with upgrades. This is because many of the AI spells will avoid targetting units that are marked as heroes.
  • All unit scores have been adjusted to form a logical progression. Units automatically target the enemy with the highest score within range; eg Kerrigan had a default value of 4000 meaning she would be disproportionality tragetted compared to units like ultralisk, archon, void ray etc. Now her score is 250. This should make battles a bit more logical and more threatening targets attacked first. Hard to judge the overall outcome of this without playing the map. Cell, silo and temple have also had their scores lowered significantly (cell is 200, silo and temple 375), so they are lower than most units. This should help armies be a little more pro-active in targetting the enemy units instead of these buildings.
  • Overlord and Observer now have energy added, although they have no spells. This means they can be targetted by Feedback, in line with Science Vessals.
  • Overlord and Observer will now in some cases 'flee' from their patrol routes, that is they execute Junk Yard Dog. Observers and Overlords tend to clump up a lot, so this should help spread them out a bit.
  • Removed cargo capacity from shuttle, so it won't interfere with battle AI now.
  • Removed cargo capacity from dropship, and made turning radius worse so it will hopefully get greater coverage over your army now and therefore heal more units.
  • Buildings are now 'Medium' size, so concussive units are now twice as effective, while explosive are slightly less effective.

  • Carriers now have Interceptor Capacity upgrade researchable for $300. Carrier price reduced to $770. The respawn rate for interceptors has been slowed down to 2.9 seconds, and interceptors at normal carriers is twice as long but they start with 1 interceptor. Tempest carrier spawn rate remains the same and they start with 0 interceptors.
  • Interceptor's target acquire range reduced to 3 from 4 and carrier reduced to 6, so they should be a bit less effective at selecting new targets. Damage reduced to 6 but it now ignores armor (including 66% armor and shield armor).
  • Probe damage set to 3 and now ignore's armor, target acquire range increased to 3 from 1.
  • Scout air attack changed to 1 missile, damage reduced tom 32 to 28. So they'll now do more damage against units with 3+ armor (most air units).
  • Scout size changed to Medium
  • Corsair damage changed to Normal, cooldown increased by 2 ticks, splash changed to 10/32/64 from 5/50/100, range reduced to 4 from 5, target acquire range reduced to 6 from 9. Dweb range reduced to 6 from 9, cooldown increased by 8 (so
    after cast will have greater delay before attacking again)
  • Robotic's bay spawn rate of Corsair reduced to 0.50 from 0.80. Cost reduced by $20 to $250.
  • Void ray has air weapon removed so it will only attack ground. Ground damage set to 5, with lowest cooldown possible (very fast attack), ignore's armor.
  • Shuttle (Warp Prism hero) size changed to Medium
  • Immortals damage type changed to Concussive, damage increased to 17, HP changed to 85, armor set to 0, now have 66% armor + regenerate HP
  • Archon armor set to 8 (from 18), + 66% armor, damage type to explosive (from normal)
  • Scarab damage type to explosive (from normal)
  • Psi storm total damage changed to 128 (8 hits of 16 dmg) from 112, but now does not ignore armor. Range reduced to 7.5 from 9.
  • Maelstrom and Mind Control range reduced to 7. Mind Control cooldown increased to 45 from 22.
  • A couple of units renamed with Legacy of the Void inspired names.

  • Building spawns changed:
  • -- Barracks spawns 4 marines from 5, now costs $245 (linear cost decrease).
  • -- Engineering bay removed (no war pigs)
  • -- Missile Turret spawns 1 medic
  • -- Bunker spawns 1 Hellion + 0.5 reapers
  • -- Supply depot spawns 2.33 marauder, no war pigs
  • -- Academy spawns 2 ghosts
  • -- Armory spawns 1.33 banshee instead of banshee/hellion combo
  • Marauder (firebat), shoots blue frag grenade with explosive damage, range 2.75, slower walk speed with SCV jetpack, splash 6/16/24, +5 hp, +1 armor, damage to 10+10
  • Hellion (vulture), shoots a flame thrower-style attack, max range 1 tile, concussive damage 22 with splash 24/28/28 (bigger than firebat), -20 HP
  • Banshee air attack removed, ground attack uses frag grenade with normal damage, cooldown 20 from 30, range 4, target acquire range 4, damage 20 from 28, size to Medium
  • Valkyrie now shoots 1 missile per volley instead of 2, using wraith missile graphic. Cooldown halved from 64 to 32, damage type to normal, splash 24/48/64 from 5/50/100, damage reduced to 11 from 13
  • Viking (goliath) size to Medium
  • Lockdown range to 7
  • EMP range to 6.5
  • Irradiate range to 7, damage to 180 from 250.
  • Yamato Cannon range to 8 from 10, does 200 normal damage, from 260 explosive, with a small splash of 8/12/16.

  • Lurker research costs 243, cocoon building costs 187, max 8.
  • Queen's Nest cost reduced to 204 from 404, since lurker is now removed.
  • Lurker splash radius reduced to 10/15/20 from 20/20/20.
  • Broodling damage set to 2, but ignore's armor.
  • Scourge attack range doubled from 3 pixels to 6, splash radius 8/16/24, target acquire range to 4 from 3
  • Spire reduced to 1 scourge from 1.33
  • Removed air weapon from roach, changed to Normal damage, cooldown to 12 from 15, range reduced to 4 from 6
  • Baneling (Infested terran) range doubled to 6 pixels from 3, target acquire range to 4 from 3
  • Mutalisk target acquire range to 4 from 3
  • Corruptor (devourer) target acquire range to 6 from 7.
  • Plague damage reduced to 160, range reduced to 7 from 9, can no longer hit buildings. Research cost reduced by $60 to $249, building cost -$50 to $383


~Map by: Lanthanide
Based on Desert Strike Night Final by Queen-Gambit and NudeRaider.

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Good to see this updated. Desert Strike Night Fixed is constantly hosted on and I hope to see those games replaced with this improved version


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