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Jan 12 2018, 12:38 pm
By: ETEFT(U)  

Jan 12 2018, 12:38 pm ETEFT(U) Post #1

Legends & Legacies:RPG



1. Characters / Spells.

2. Features / Shops / Items.

3. Story.

4. Screen Shots.

5. D/L Link / Closing Thoughts.


1. Arjuna: Master of the bow and arrow, this Hero is a strong single target DPS character with team buffing abilities.


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1. Gulcheria: A mage with many unique spells and talents, if you are caught in a jam of enemies, Gulcheria can make them all disappear with his area of effect magic.


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1. Montu: The toughest person you'll come across, Montu is the definition of fearless. His defensive capabilities are what makes him stand out as he allows the group to venture the world with out harm.


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1. Meditirina: Goddess of healing, she serves one purpose and that is to serve you. Meditirina is the ultimate support hero for any group.


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1. 256x256 map full of content.

2. Four completely unique heroes to pick from each with three spells.

3. Two professions to choose from (Fishing and Lumbering, these are crafts that allow you to gather fish or wood to sell to the shop. Both cost 75g to learn.)

4. Hero level system from 1-7 that unlocks health and spells as you progress.

5. Different music for different areas of the map.


1. Armory. (upgrade damage or armor.)

1. Item Shop. (a variety of items to buy.)

1. Mercenary Tavern. (hire mercs to fight with you.)

1. Inn. (place to relax and regain your strength and mana after a long battle.)

1. School. (to learn a profession.)


1. Health Potion. 20g

1. Mana Potion. 15g

1. Teleport to Town Scroll. 5g

1. Fishing Set. 15g (if fishing is learned, allows the hero to attempt to fish.)

1. Hatchet. 15g (if lumbering is learned, allows the hero to attempt to gather wood.)

1. Mana Staff. 75g (allows the hero to gain more mana.)

1. Resurrection Stone. 250g(only can own one at a time, allows the hero to be revived if they die.)


In a town where prosperity and advancement is what its known for comes benefits and disadvantages.. and with great strength and power can come admiration but also jealousy. An Evil mage of the name Kael'Thas and his seductress sister Serena have been lurking the corners of the City of Atheina and finally made their first act of war and captured the Prince of Atheina. With fear now running through the Kingdom, it is up to four brave heroes to save the day. Help Atheina keep it's promising future and rescue their Prince and eliminate their enemies who pray for their down fall. Explore the caves and outskirts that surround Atheina, as you grow in level you become stronger and wiser.

Screen Shots:

(starting the game.)

(first string of quests.)

(treasure finding.)

(Montu using his Shield of Honor.)

(One side of the Market Place.)

(front gates of Atheina.)

D/L Link/Closing Thoughts:

I spent a long time making this map, I hope you all enjoy it. If any1 has any questions or comments feel free to DM me or reply here, I'll try my best to respond as soon as I can. Don't expect this map to be bug/glitch free as it is in its early stages of being complete. I don't expect any major bugs but I do expect some type of bugs... if any1 finds any let me know! For best results I recommend a full house, good luck heroes! (Sorry for the lack of fighting/action screen shots, this was posted late and I couldn't find a group at these hours, I'll try and post some later.)

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Jan 14 2018, 8:11 pm TV3D Post #2

I approve of this thread XD


Jan 20 2018, 2:17 am Moogle Post #3

Predator of Bed Chambers

Guess we can play it sometime ET.

If all else fails, crowbar the fucker

Jan 28 2018, 10:16 pm TV3D Post #4

I approve of this project.

its quite sexy if u can get past the LAG we face on battlenet these days.


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