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[EUD/EPD] Amazing new Trigger Editor [Stable]
Dec 31 2017, 9:09 pm
By: T-warp
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Jan 31 2019, 11:58 pm MTiger156 Post #81

123dominico you can change the damage of irradiate and plague using Set Weapon Damage, you should be able to select plague in the list of weapons as well as irradiate.
I was messing around with this yesterday and was able to change the splash radius of plague.
You can also use Set Weapon Effect and change the effect of plague making it a whole differnt spell.

I have been having trouble making the "Permanently cloaked" check box in advanced properties actually cloak the unit.
I tried giving it to units, and removing it from the dark templar but no change occurs.
Are there more steps to making this work that I am missing?

All (or virtually all) advanced-property changes take effect on units created after the fact. It does not affect units that already exist at that moment. "Sprite", "Flingy", and "Image" properties also behave like this.

Also a note on weapon effects - virtually all "weapons" and spells in the game data can have their graphics or effects changed. A few limitations exist though.

Feb 3 2019, 8:52 am 123dominico Post #82

Can you tell me how to modify the movement speed of a unit?
I did not understand how to do it.

Exploring this editor more, I discovered that many crazy things can be done.
Ghost attacking with psi storn for example. I plan to donate 10 dollars to the creator for his hard Work :cheers:
In addition to the range of attack, it is possible to edit how far they can detect enemy units and automatically attack enemies?


Feb 3 2019, 4:06 pm MTiger156 Post #83

Regarding movement, this editor doesn't explain the "movement control" property. All air units have this set to 0 (aka "Flingy"). Almost all ground units are set to 2 (aka "Iscript"). Iscript mode is not affected by top speed, acceleration, etc. However, setting the control to Flingy allows the unit to be affected by those properties.

In simple terms: set the Movement Control to 0 if it isn't already. Then you can play with other properties.
(once again, no effect on pre-existing units)

Feb 3 2019, 9:43 pm Lanthanide Post #84

Quote from 123dominico
In addition to the range of attack, it is possible to edit how far they can detect enemy units and automatically attack enemies?
Yes, this is the "Target acquisition range" setting, next to Sight on the Basic tab for the unit in DatEdit.


Mar 14 2019, 8:07 pm T-warp Post #85

Quote from 123dominico
I plan to donate 10 dollars to the creator for his hard Work :cheers:

Meanwhile, the creator is still starving...

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Mar 14 2019, 8:11 pm T-warp Post #86

Quote from Oh_Man
Wow, this is very impressive. I am going to try to learn this. What does "safe" and "unsafe" mean in this context?

Safe means that what you edit will end up edited in game exactly like in the editor (set weapon to this weapon). Unsafe however means that you can adjust a single value in the set, but you must guarantee correctness of the initial value (set weapon to the next one).

It has nothing to do with desync

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