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Sunken Defences 1WAY Version 0.2 (Beta)
Nov 5 2017, 7:17 am
By: Cool-Knight  

Nov 5 2017, 7:17 am Cool-Knight Post #1

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Sunken Defences 1WAY Version 0.2 (Beta)

Hello everyone who is reading this...I'll make this simple as I can. :)

You are probably wondering what is Sunken Defences 1WAY :???: Don't worry I got ya cover! :)

  • Tileset: Ice World
  • Genre: Defense
  • Player(s): 6 [Comptuers 3]
  • Dimensions: 128 x 128
  • Size: 167 kb

  • You get to choose the difficulty of the game. Mode: (EZ=AI Won't Attack) (Normal/Hard=AI might attack if walled)
  • Spawns. 120 units on all modes!
  • EZ, unit spawn have -30% on thier HP.
  • Normal has 1+ armor.
  • Hard has 2+ armor and some unite units will have (speeds)
  • Life(S) depends on the mode you picked. (EZ=60 Life's) (Normal=40 Life's) (Hard=20 Life's)
  • Map Version is at 0.2 (Beta stage)
  • All players start with 32 drones. (This is for the testing till I get more feedbacks.)
  • At the moment there is 14 levels.

    Please Post Feedback in this topic.
    OR: The Discord Group: Brood War - UMS Community. If you are from there:

    Thanks! - Cool-Knight.

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// Back Story
Back Story of the map, quite long but I thought I share how this map became what it is today and what it means to me!

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Before: ----^
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After: ----^
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After:(Update 2) ----^

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// Lastest Update:
  • Added: a wall so players can't pick units until mode has been picked.
  • Remove: The Endless creep, just becuase if some ppl wanted to play on 1.16.1 or below they won't get hit with error units.
  • Added: The Win Trigger when you kill THAT last level unit.

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// Upcoming changes, to the map:
  • Nothing....(ATM)
All for now...

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// Map %
  • Terrain
    Progress: 10%

  • Triggers Unknow
    Progress: 1%

  • Map %
    Progress: 5%

  • Map being done?
    Progress: 3%

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Fixed: A typo.

Fixed: Post and Info. Mybad! :S

Template Added.

Updated map, from 0.1 V beta to: 0.2 V Beta.

Updated Topic: 3x as of: (11:38 AM 11/17/2017)

--------Please Bear with me as this map grows and this topic becomes better edit and improves over time, THANKS! :D-------

Sunken Defences 1WAY.scx
Hits: 1 Size: 166.73kb

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Nov 15 2017, 6:32 am Cool-Knight Post #2

Map Version 0.2 Beta has been release!

I make StarCraft BroodWar Maps!
Servers I'm On: Iccup. USEast/USWest! (Mainly On USEast)

You can also find me at. My Website!
My Akas: SHANE-009

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