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Starcraft Grand Tournament
Aug 9 2017, 4:43 pm
By: Xiao  

Aug 9 2017, 4:43 pm Xiao Post #1

Starcraft Grand Tournament
I came back to playing Brood War recently and came across one of my favorite maps that I used to play, SC Tournament Prime by Real2Grand.
I noticed many areas which needed improvement and fixing, though all the switches were confusing as hell because they were all unnamed.
Rather than try to interpret the map, I decided to remake the entire map from scratch with the goal of improving aesthetics and overall functionality.
Over the course of testing the map on, I’ve had people insult my map, sometimes even directing their insults to me, but also had
people like the map/concept as well. Any constructive criticism is welcome. Also don’t worry I made sure to credit the original idea to Real2Grand.

Map Preview
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Starcraft Grand Tournament features a “tournament” system involving 8 players. The aim is to macro an army within the chosen time limit.
Then players will then be chosen randomly to fight each other 1v1 in the arena while microing their army. There is a lives system so players
will be able to fight more than once. There is a winners and losers seeding system so losers will face losers and winners will face winners.

(All minutes and seconds written so forth are defined as starcraft minutes and seconds)

Game Settings
In the beginning of the game, players will be able to vote on 4 different settings. The settings are decided by majority vote, which
require over 50% of the current players in the game to vote on it. There is a time limit for selecting each setting, which defaults to option 2.

Time Settings----------------Mineral Settings----------------Geyser Settings---------Lives
5 Starcraft Minutes----------9 Mineral Patches---------------1 Geyser----------------1 Life
7 Starcraft Minutes----------15 Mineral Patches--------------2 Geysers---------------2 Lives
9 Starcraft Minutes----------21 Mineral Patches--------------3 Geysers---------------3 Lives
11 Starcraft Minutes-----------------------------------------4 Geysers---------------4 Lives

Macro Phase
All players will start with 8 workers. The original time settings I had were 6, 8, 10, and 12 minutes with 4 workers, but I noticed it took
exactly 1 minute to make 4 more workers. I reasoned that no one would ever spend their first minute to do anything else besides make 4 workers.

It’s recommended that players have at least 2x-3x the available mineral patches in workers. For example, if the chosen
settings were, 7 SC minutes, 9 mineral fields, and 2 geysers, I would have 27 workers mining minerals, and 6-7 workers
mining gas. You can choose to gas earlier or later depending on what build you want to go for and what units you want to build.

Zerg players are gifted 10 stacked hatcheries to help with macro. Almost everything is instant build and instant upgrade so to keep
up with Protoss and Terran, they need more larva. Zerg will also have access to a 49% health command center for infesting purposes.

Players will have vision of each other for 10 seconds starting at 3 minutes and the other at 1 minute and
7 seconds so that each player may be prepared for what each other builds. After the macro phase has ended,
the army you have will be saved and that will be the army you use through the rest of the game.

Building Detection
Protoss players get one free observer. In low economy games with short macro time settings, investing in
detection meant investing 275 minerals and 375 minerals for just one observer (robotics facility and observatory).
Terran players will need to build either a comsat or a science vessel. A maximum of 1 comsat is allowed in the arena.
Zerg players will get overlords depending on the chosen time setting.
5 = 3 Overlords 7 = 5 Overlords 9 = 7 Overlords 11 = 8 Overlords

Tournament Phase
Players will have access to their armies so that they may hotkey and separate their units before the fight. When the
game has selected them to fight, their units will be moved from their setup areas onto the battlefield. They will be
able to choose where their units are moved to, separated by terrain makers indicating top, middle, and bottom at their setup areas.

The 2 players in the arena will have a total time of 5 minutes and 30 seconds to defeat each other. The battlefield will start being
limited at 1 minute and 30 seconds, again at 1 minute, and again at 30 seconds. Once the timer reaches 0, the winner will be chosen at random.

The other players in the game will be able to talk to each other privately if they turn on allied chat. I made it so all players not fighting are set
to allies. Spectators will also get vision of the two players currently battling. They will also be able to hotkey their armies in their setup areas.

Winners and Losers Seeding
Players who lose will be put into loser seeding, and players who win will be put into winners seeding. This system isn’t perfect though. For
example, a 6-player game will have 3 winners and 3 losers after the 1st set of matches. 1 loser will 100% face another loser the 2nd set of
atches. Vice versa 1 winner will 100% face another winner in the 2nd set. But to complete the 2nd set of matches, 1 loser will have to face 1 winner.

Why Play
I guess the reason why I like the concept of this map so much was that I could micro an army I built myself against other armies.
Sometimes you would see the same particular builds more or less, like vultures and tanks versus dragoons and zealots. Sometimes you
would see someone build carriers. With proper micro carriers are strong, but then someone builds scouts just to counter the person
who built carriers. Someone can cheese and build 10 wraiths in a low economy session and snipe the protoss observers, but they’d lose
against zerg with their overlord count and another terran if they had comsat. There are a large variety of builds and armies you can
come up depending on the settings you choose, maybe being strong against certain armies, but weak against others. Being able to micro
your armies against others is what makes the concept of Starcraft Tournament so fun for me.

Concept Showcase
The following youtube video of the game just shows the concept of SC Tournament. All human slots are filled by the computer and me.
All computers get preplaced units they use. The computers are always ordered to chosoe the default option 2 and the macro phase time
is set to 20 seconds so that the tournament phase starts asap.

Unit Cost Changes
Collapse Box

SC Grand Tournament v0.72.scx
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