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The UED AI Project
Jun 28 2017, 1:26 pm
By: Nekron
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Sep 10 2021, 10:06 am Nekron Post #41

Hey, that's outdated for years now unfortunately. UEDAIP only supports the SCR Starcraft version (including the SD one you can download for free) - I'm using samase features like extended dat entries that can't be easily ported to 1.16

Sep 19 2021, 6:43 am RYQuery Post #42

Can anyone provide me with the final Starcraft Zerg mission file? I have to access the missions through the custom maps folder and it seems to be missing.


Sep 19 2021, 10:49 am Nekron Post #43

Episode 2 is work in progress right now, counterintuitively broodwar was finished first. You can track update progress on the project's Discord.

Sep 19 2021, 8:49 pm RYQuery Post #44

Quote from Nekron
Episode 2 is work in progress right now, counterintuitively broodwar was finished first. You can track update progress on the project's Discord.

Ah okay, I read Blaze's notes on the game and it included the final level so I thought I missed it.


Dec 17 2021, 8:19 pm itq2012 Post #45

I have a question. In this mode, we create our own campaign, insert and play AI dedicated to this mode, and sometimes enemy AI units gather northwest whenever we have time, do you know how to solve it?


Dec 17 2021, 11:10 pm Nekron Post #46

You mean that you're making custom maps within the confines of the mod, right? Some AIscripts I write use Locations to rally their attacks to; if that location is not placed on the map, the attack will instead rally to x,y 0,0 which is top left corner of the map. You would have to either modify them to use locations you place in the map, or match location IDs (the number SCMD gives in the console text when creating a location, it's 1 less than default location name) between the script and the map. So for example, in xZ8A, the AI uses these locations to rally:
attack_to Loc.70 Loc.74

attack_to Loc.71 Loc.75

attack_to Loc.72 Loc.73

attack_to Loc.76 Loc.98

attack_to Loc.90 Loc.96

attack_to Loc.91 Loc.97

time_jump 15 late_air
random_jump 128 aire1
goto aire2

random_jump 85 air1
random_jump 128 air2
goto air3

attack_to Loc.92 Loc.95

attack_to Loc.93 Loc.94

attack_to Loc.99 Loc.73

attack_to Loc.100 Loc.96

attack_to Loc.101 Loc.97

random_jump 128 drop1
goto drop2

attack_to Loc.102 Loc.103

attack_to Loc.104 Loc.105
This is a lot of locations to match and realistically it would be way easier to just edit the script.
Overall I write a lot of map-specific features that rely on death counters, locations, etc etc. I have thought about making stock campaign scripts in the past that could be used in whatever maps, but didn't really get around to it - and there isn't that much of a demand either, I think you're the first person ever that tried doing sth like this.

I'm not sure where are you from, but if you're either Russian, Korean or Spanish, there's a chance we can have someone translate questions if you have any more of them and are not comfortable with English.

Dec 24 2021, 5:18 pm itq2012 Post #47

Oh! I see. Thank you for the detailed explanation.
But I have one more question. Edmund Duke (Battle Cruiser Hero) unit was in Unit Type 263 (UnitID: 263), so I'd like to ask how it was produced. Even if I tried to produce Edmund Duke using SCMDraft2, I couldn't find Unit Type 263 (UnitID: 263) at all. I would appreciate it if you could let me know what program you used.

Oh, I'm a Korean user who enjoys playing UEDAIP. This remaster mode is really interesting to me and it's really fun.


Dec 24 2021, 10:03 pm GGmano Post #48


Edmund Duke is the terran hero siege tank i dont know if thats why you cant find it as an battle cruiser

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Dec 24 2021, 10:52 pm Nekron Post #49

Thank you for enjoying the project! Hope it will continue to be interesting in the future.

Unit IDs above the normal DAT limit are created using a DAT editing software that I don't think is publicly available yet, I'm not sure if it's technically finished. There are also upgrade DATs above the limit etc

In SCMDraft you can input unit IDs manually on the map or in some triggers (not create and not some conditions) to check/use those units (so for example; place a wraith and edit

Unit ID 263 is a Duke Hero clone created so that I can use the original Duke unit ID as a Battlecruiser clone for the AI; long story short, it's a weird way to avoid some AI hardcodes

Jan 22 2022, 4:43 pm BashKa Post #50

Hello Nekron. First thing I would like to thank you and all people involved for such a great mod for my favourite strategy game.

Yesterday I tryed to play UEDAIP wia LAN with my fried and found that Terran faction is divided by Dominion/UED subfactions depending on colour whitch you select before the match. It took a LOT of time and endless relaunches on various maps but still we found that process quite fun in some way :D

I am sure this was done for some good reason but sill would like to ask is there any way to play Terrans with both subfactions combined? I started to play this mod only a few days ago and still didn't even started to play campaings. BUt watching Jayborino's gameplays found that these campaings by themself react to some of your actions in a far perspective. For this reason i would like to ask is there any txt or some other complete changelog of all changes and tips for playing?

And last thing. I noticed that this mod has some similarities with my another favourite Revolution mod. For this regard would like to ask how you look to some of this mod's changes like Eng. Bay upgrade for +2 armour to all Terran buildings or nukes don't use supply cost to build? Or how difficult for Zerg for example to implement some burrow moving mechanics in Remastered? Also noticed that Guardian used to have anti air attack and Devourer melee? Was it a thing before or wthat?)

Think that's all. Sorry for so many questions but me with my friend found this mod really interesting. Thanks in advance. With Kind Regards

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Jan 22 2022, 11:05 pm Nekron Post #51

Hi! =)

I think that on LAN/Multiplayer the only way would be to use UMS maps with preset colors - colors selected in Map should allow both factions. That will show as "Map Specified" color in lobby - it should work on maps like Jungle Rumble too, I think, but to use AI with that you'd have to add Melee AI via triggers (which would work fine, if you do add it)
Otherwise, both factions are also enabled by default in singleplayer melee

There are a few resources; I think the most comprehensive is Blaze's document here -
Other than that, I think your best bet, if you have any questions, is just to ask on Discord.

All those upgrades sound really hard to do, sorry! Though I'm also pretty conscious of upgrade bloat now, and will avoid adding new upgrades to BW+. Also I tend to think the number of upgs / faction customization is pretty good now!

Guardian AA attacks and melee Devourers are vanilla (episodes 1 to 3) features only; they're "normal" in BW (with some stat tweaks still)

Also here's a list of which color is Terran or UED in melee;
UED selected with following colors in lobby: Pink, Olive, Lime, Navy, Magenta, Grey, Black. AI is random color instead, and random gives 50/50 at UED vs Terran

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