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UMS Discord Warning
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Jun 26 2017, 7:24 pm
By: lifebot  

Jun 26 2017, 7:24 pm lifebot Post #1

I'ts been quite a while now, that there exists a Discord server for the UMS community led by Scoularis.

I feel quite sadden to report that this community is now at the verge of dissipating, due to the wrongful decision of assigning mod privileges to an immature individual that goes by the alias "Dash".

This "Dash" dude has banned me from the server because he simply "felt" offended by my logical reasoning. As I have utmost respect for Scoularis and other legendary mappers that also participate in the server, I'm convinced that this guy has no idea as to the extent the problems he is creating.

First and foremost, I'm no longer able to reply direct messages of members I've connected through this Discord channel.

I would much prefer SEN to have it's own Discord channels for Starcraft. Seriously, get rid of this Dash guy or Scoularis better get his shit together and pick an appropriate moderator, especially if this Discord channel represent the UMS community... it is extremely cringey and doesn't reflect the true vibez of the people who loves UMS with a passion. Either way, I believe it's just a matter of time before this Discord channel flops and is left with just the old folks.

You simply can't deploy retarded politics when the community is based on Starcraft Maps. Really, no need to act like you're the almighty god who can pass on the ultimate judgement on others. It's a game and a gathering of people with creative minds. Continuing to be persistent with this bullshit mod abuse and all it's ultimately doing is repelling newcomers from becoming mappers. A total failure....the quite opposite of what we strive for as a community.

We're trying to grow, not shrink. Right?

Peace. Looking forward to SEN's own discord channel.

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Jun 26 2017, 9:11 pm Zoan Post #2

Math + Physics + StarCraft = Zoan

We've had a discord since longer than the UMS discord though. Idk how to link to it however.

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Jun 26 2017, 11:22 pm lifebot Post #3

Oh I didn't know SEN had a Discord Channel.

Just found it:

Glad to be a part of a proper community


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