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Bug Hunters Team
Jun 15 2017, 12:12 pm
By: Mimose  

Jun 15 2017, 12:12 pm Mimose Post #1

Bug Hunters

General Description

This is a revival of a map i made about 10 years ago. You are in the role of banana farmer who is trying to keep his palms(Terran Turrets) alive. Mean bugs are coming to devaste your plantation so you have to build up a good defense.
Its playable for 2-6 Player with a speficied Team Mission (Plant X Banana palms to win(6Pl:500 Palms, 5Pl:400 Palms, 4Pl:300 Palms, 3Pl:200 Palms, 2Pl:100 Palms)
So far there are two tactics to play this map: Either you relay on defence (But space becomes an issue then) or you try to fight the banana bugs base (Some APM requiered then).
Maybe there are other ways to complete the map but most important is that you will have to work together to reach the team objective (maybe I'll add some features in a later version to force player more to help each other)

- Income by buildings (turrets and supplies give Ore, Illegal trades give Gas.
- Illegal Trades could be made with Coca, Ganja and Meth
-- Coca = Academy
-- Ganja = Pylon (get it with building a starport add-on, lift the starport and fly over the unattached add-on with an illegal production activator (Dropship)
-- Meth = Cannon (Physics add-on, get it same way as pylon)
-- Dropship can be obtained for free at the right bottom (only one per time)
- If there is too much illegal activity the police will come (First an inspector, afterwards raiding units)
- Hero System:
-- You get Civ's for kills to change into various heros (e.g. Medic, Jimmy, 500 Gas...)
-- Another Civ will be created in the maze
--- Bring him to the end will reduce the next bugspawn
--- sometimes Heros can be found in the maze
- Banning (3 People to ban)
- Adjusting Team mission if a player leaves game or got killed.



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