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Pr0nogo's custom doodads
May 29 2017, 3:30 pm
By: Pr0nogo
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Jun 21 2017, 8:30 pm lucifirius Post #41

Sweet, sounds good. I can't wait to use the doodads you made, they look awesome. And the campaign will surely be great as well.


Jul 23 2017, 8:53 pm Pr0nogo Post #42

Today's work so far. I'll be producing a few more later on in the day and then taking a break to make map 6. Thanks to FaRTy's work with the limit expander and poiuy_qwert's update to PyTILE I can now have as many doodads as I want.

edit: Lurker #1

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Aug 3 2017, 9:56 am FlameViper Post #43

These could work very well for a death effects mod. Think you could convert some?


Aug 3 2017, 12:52 pm Pr0nogo Post #44

It's not a priority, but I probably will at some point. The blood effects and other transparent elements don't lend well to being converted to standalone images, which means every image would need significant reworking.

Aug 4 2017, 9:47 pm Pr0nogo Post #45

I have updated the OP with new images and an up-to-date progress tracker.

edit: Comsat

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Aug 5 2017, 3:11 am Black_Overseer Post #46

The quality is amazing.
I'm already looking forward to next doodads :)

Aug 5 2017, 4:23 am Pr0nogo Post #47

Thank you!

A few more addons. That'll be it for me tonight, but I'll continue sometime soon.


That's the last of them. Just a few terran units to do and then that race is wrapped up.

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Aug 14 2017, 10:02 pm Pr0nogo Post #48

Back to work on this for the time being. I'll try and finish up the terran units tonight, since I'm going on vacation afterwards.

edit 1:

edit 2:

edit 3:

I have one more valkyrie variation to make and a few updates I'd like to do to the battlecruisers and science vessels to add some illusion of depth to them, but those can wait till I return home in a week. I'll move on to the protoss and zerg a little more casually, eventually compiling all of these into tilesets for the community to use. It's a very time-consuming task so I don't have a clear ETA, but I'm setting a personal goal for having all assets complete and a few of the tilesets compiled by the end of September.

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Aug 24 2017, 12:13 pm Pr0nogo Post #49

Changes to the battlecruisers to add depth.

Updated the first valkyrie similarly, and also completed a second one.

Terrans are now complete. Eventually I'll move on to the protoss, and then the zerg.

Aug 24 2017, 12:31 pm Black_Overseer Post #50

force landing battlecruiser doodad is so gorgeous.

Aug 24 2017, 1:06 pm Pr0nogo Post #51

Thank you!

Forgot the civilians, so now the terrans are done for good!

edit 1: Arbiter Tribunal

edit 2: Assimilator

edit 3: Fleet Beacon

edit 4: Observatory

edit 5: Stargate

That's all protoss structures. I'll work on the units later.

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Aug 25 2017, 4:57 pm Pr0nogo Post #52

Made some minor color changes to the arbiter tribunal. Units are up next, but I'm going to take a bit of a break for now.

edit: made some changes to the arbiter, old -> new

edit 2: arbiter 2

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Aug 26 2017, 6:49 am Pr0nogo Post #53


edit: updated Arbiter 2 shadows

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Sep 11 2017, 10:13 am Pr0nogo Post #54

Some custom ramps for use in badlands. The backwards ones need some minor adjustments before they fit perfectly in-game, but are otherwise complete. Looking for feedback on these as I'm not sure if they're 100% to my liking yet.

The asphalt ones do not connect with standard isom asphalt tiles, though I would like to modify them to do that, and may in the near future.

Sep 15 2017, 1:01 am Pr0nogo Post #55

Probably final.

edit: A third probe joins the roster:

I'm getting back into the groove and finishing up the protoss assets. Hopefully I'm done after tonight, and can move on to the zerg.

edit 2: high templar

edit 3: shuttle

edit 4: observer

edit 5: corsair

This marks the last asset necessary to create for the protoss. I'll do some minor updates to High Templar 1, Observer 2, both Carriers, and Templar Archives before I move on to the zerg some other time.

edit 6: updated several protoss assets (listed in the previous edit). That's it for the night.

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Sep 16 2017, 5:29 am Pr0nogo Post #56

Starting on the zerg structures now. Hatchery #2:



That's all for tonight. I may touch these up in minor ways next time.

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Sep 16 2017, 3:45 pm Pr0nogo Post #57

Some updates to yesterday's assets.

edit: 1 creep colony down. 1 more to go. I might update the first one to be more goopy, as well. We'll see.

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Sep 18 2017, 5:17 am Pr0nogo Post #58

I've updated the first creep colony and completed the third. Here's the whole set.

Sep 18 2017, 7:47 pm Pr0nogo Post #59

I've made some minor changes to the first creep colony again.

Spawning pool:

edit: version 2.0

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Sep 19 2017, 8:00 pm Pr0nogo Post #60

Evolution chamber:

version 2.0:

Hydralisk den:

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