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Allied Commanders Shuttle Takedown -- Need Testers! --
May 17 2017, 11:06 pm
By: IdealIdeas  

May 17 2017, 11:06 pm IdealIdeas Post #1

Noma is attempting to flee his forces off world and its your job to stop him from succeeding. You find out that you cant damage the warpgates, so that leaves you with the only option to destroy the oncoming shuttles!

Map is based off the SC2 map where you must take down shuttles.
This is a 2 Player map, it requires there to be 2 players.

Features include:
- 3 Unique Commanders, you can be the highly upgrade-able Edmund Duke, the glass cannon Infested Duran, or the war tank Fenix (Dragoon).
- Each Commander has 2 abilities.
- Bonus objective similar to the SC2 map, but this objective helps in the late game.
- Destroying the computer's base will actually benefit you late game.
- Wonderful terrible voice-acting provided by some of my friends.
- Computer will randomize its race every play through
- Shuttles will always spawn in different locations every play through.
- Shuttles will target different warpgates every play through
- Has a twist at the end

Commanders Abilities:
Edmund Duke:
- Artillery Strike, Tank shells rain on a targeted area.
- Wraith Calldown, Calls down 5 Elite Wraiths, they have more health than a standard wraith, but damages are the same, upgrades very well. Has Limited Life Span

Infested Duran
- Suicide Squad, Main Hive produces many Infested Terrans and sends them on a mission to blow everything to bits.
- Reinforcements, Spawns Munchlings and Vilelisks for player at "Ability Target Locator", Has Limited Lifespan

Fenix (Dragoon)
- Auto Dark Templar, Sends out squads of Shadow Guards to exterminate the computer. They are not controllable and have a limited lifespan.
- Scarab Bombardment, Scarabs litter the area at the "Ability Target Locator"

What is this "Ability Target Locator"?
Its a unit that allows some abilities to happen on top of it. It is the Magellan Science Vessel. It never gains energy so you cant use its spells. It has health so you cant effectively bum rush it into the computer's base, If it dies a new one respawns at the commanders base.

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Id like to know what people think, whether its too hard, too easy, or if they encounter any problems like maybe a sound gets stuck replaying over and over. I need feedback!

I tried to attach the file for download, but I kept getting a Failed to attach file error, So here is a mediafire link to download the map


May 18 2017, 6:12 pm Pauper Post #2

Sounds fun, I may test it out this weekend.

May 22 2017, 7:05 am IdealIdeas Post #3

Quote from Pauper
Sounds fun, I may test it out this weekend.

So there was some issues with the version I uploaded.
I have fixed those issues and reuploaded it


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