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Skirmish Islands
Apr 20 2017, 7:16 pm
By: theskinsurf  

Apr 20 2017, 7:16 pm theskinsurf Post #1


MAP TYPE: .scx

Two teams of Heroes battle it out for supremacy on a deadly stretch of islands. Command a fierce Ninja, a deceptive Sniper, or a bizarre Mutant and wage war on your foes by commanding bases, hiring units, firing cannons, collecting powerups, teleporting, and more. The true test of skill in this map is measured in your ability to micro your small armies and split your limited resources with your team.


- Three Hero classes: Ninja, Sniper, or Mutant.
- Base-command gameplay: Capture and use bases to gain an advantage.
- Different base types: Bases offer different abilities, such as unit hiring, defensive structures, a targetable long-range cannon, warp links, and ore generators.
- Random powerups: Randomized powerups spawn in randomized locations, offering benefits from healing or bonus ore to inflicting a plague on your foes or peering into their vision.
- Kill horrific creatures for their sweet, sweet ore.
- Tense combat for up to six players!
- Lush, detailed terrain that rewards exploration!


This is the beta. I don't have many more big plans for the map, but will be tweaking and adding features for friendliness and variety. The focus of the map has always been on small skirmishes, so I'm deaf to suggestions like including huge masses of units, but I'm open to other suggestions -- especially balance. Feel free to play it in public games, and report any bugs to me. Once I feel like the core gameplay is done and squash any remaining bugs, I'll polish it up for release.

FUN BONUS: Mostly made in regular ol' Staredit, except for a few necessary tweaks.

Skirmish Islands [Beta].scx
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Apr 20 2017, 7:27 pm theskinsurf Post #2

no idea why it wants to make my logo image so small, but there you go.

Current project: Star Rogue
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Jack -- Is scmdraft on github/ever going to be open source?
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