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No Hunters Free For All
Apr 17 2017, 2:00 am
By: Excalibur  

Apr 17 2017, 2:00 am Excalibur Post #1

The sword and the faith


No Hunters Free For All: The only rule, is there are no rules.*

Welcome SEN, to the eighth wonder of the world, the one and only No Hunters Free For All. Some time ago I was alerted to some of my large scale maps being used by a group of SC2GG players who liked to have crazy large scale FFAs on any map that isn't Hunters/BGH. I was able to meet these people of questionable mental health and joined their coalition of madness. A typical NHFFA game consists of alliances, backstabbings, critter killings, nuclear activity that would make Fallout feel inadequate, and 200 supply death fleets.

Don't worry, we're going to solve all your problems** and answer all your questions.**

1. Are there really no rules?
-Yes.* Kind of. Notice the asterisk. Generally speaking so long as you aren't hacking, there really are no other rules than this: There can only be one. Allied victory is never an option, but victory can be had at any cost. You can lie and sneak your way to the top or sweep the map with 200 supply of BCs. Whatever you need to do to win, its all fair game here.

2. So that's it? Just no hacks and no allied victory?
-I guess an unofficial rule of the game is that when someone claims 'obs' because they've been thoroughly owned its considered bad manners not to leave them a building. You have to be careful though because it is commonplace for an 'obs' player to sneak their way back into the game and strike completely unexpectedly. Often times its enough to secure them the win. Still, you aren't obligated to leave them anything other than one single structure, so be as thorough as you feel you need to be. Also, you can't pick your race. Random decides your fate.

3. How often does this even take place?
-Almost daily! Unlike most of the current SEN population rather than just talk about SC as an abstract, the NHFFA crowd actively plays just about any time we can get 8 of us together to do so. I'm hoping by bringing this psychotic festival to SEN we can make it happen even more often. Yesterday (4/15) I think we had 2 8 player games going on at the same time. I don't think 16 SENners have been on Bnet at the same time since 2012. But that's still not enough! Come! Join us! We all float down here!

4. Where do these NHFFA persons congregate?
-Discord! Aside from our court mandated group therapy sessions, this is the best place to meet up and participate. Voice chat is completely optional for any of you enigmatic and mysterious antlered persons who wish to keep their identity as secret as possible.

5. What maps are used for this?
-Usually the Ex FFA Map Pack is enough to satiate the hunger of these FFA zombies but sometimes Blizzard maps or other sub par maps are used. You can get my FFA map pack here.

6. I'm unsure if I'm ready to commit to this program.
-Not a question but don't worry! You can watch previous NHFFA games and see if you'd like to join! There's an official youtube channel with many NHFFAs on it, casted by people who play in them, located here. Unfortunately it hasn't been active since the SC2GG days to my knowledge. More recent NHFFA games can be seen casted on Greth's channel here. In the videos you will see things like
--Claims! Claims are made at the start of the game and are usually crazy achievements a player believes they can attain in the game. Firebats only, 600 supply/3 races, nukes only, all claims you'll see in nHFFA.
--Alliances and back stabbing! Weaker players band together to fight stronger players, and as their position strengthens they can take out the next greatest threat to try and ensure victory.
--Awards! Although this has become less common as of late NHFFA used to have a full spread of awards for various best/worsts in a given game. I'm hoping maybe we can bring these back.
--General fuckery! No melee game ensures as much crazy crap as an NHFFA. The army compositions make no sense, the vendettas are made up, and only victory matters. Its something you have to see to believe!

7. I'm not a good melee player though!
-Neither are we! Most NHFFA players would be rank F on the ICCUP skill level chart. We have no build orders, any high APM is only from spamming, and we have no more idea what we're doing than you do. There are a couple players who are C-level but they usually get ganged up on because how else do you ensure your victory as a terrible player?

So that's it SEN, the windup and the pitch. Come check it out and see what NHFFA is all about. Play an NHFFA, make a map for it maybe, get talked about in a Greth cast, maybe even have a new award named after you, who knows! For people who like actually playing SC, its a great time.

* - See #1 and #2.
** - Hourly psychiatry rates will apply.

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The sword and the faith.

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Apr 18 2017, 1:15 am Corbo Post #2


Is it bug free?

fuck you all

Apr 18 2017, 2:52 am Excalibur Post #3

The sword and the faith

Quote from Corbo
Is it bug free?
In NHFFA, the only good bug is a dead bug.

SEN Global Moderator and Resident Zealot
The sword and the faith.

Sector 12
My stream, live PC building and tech discussion.

Apr 18 2017, 3:40 am Corbo Post #4




fuck you all

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