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7vs1 Random Computer
Apr 10 2017, 2:38 am
By: Cool-Knight  

Apr 10 2017, 2:38 am Cool-Knight Post #1

This is my 7vs1 Random Computer, you fight vs AI has Random starting (Race) Its not Per-set.
You Got Race from: Zerg, Protoss, Terran.
For ech race: AI "Random" starting point of the game (Its also random) which will make AI hard, or SUPER Hard!
(You can tell by the sound and text display on the game! ;) )

Here is list of Races % hardest....(Also AI Have Spawns, so the AI has some way of killing you all! :D )
Protoss: 14-18x SUPER Hard! AI has been increased by 30%
Terran: 18-20x SUPER HARDEST AI has been increased by 30%
Zerg: 24-28x SUPER GOD HARD! AI has been increased by 30%

This is a battle, which no man can handle alone! I would recommend, 5 players...but really recommend 7.

Side notes: When the game starts, I would recommend, building defenses it will save your life!
Also, Don't forget you can ups but there slow....Ups will help you win the game or the battles...!

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  • All Players Money is unlimited.
    Fast build.
    Heroes maker(Below the mass, or mass to it, lings 4 = 1, all others 2 = 1)
    Bottom lane is where the AI has attack commands(The path below your base, and concerns)

Map last updated on: 2/17/2017
Map is only support for 1.16.1 (It also supports 1.18++) (With or with out EUDs) Just EUPS won't work fyi. :)
Map is at 100% but this version as of for now on: (2/17/2017 Is 100.5%)

Please, If you find any bugs in this map. (Also I am gonna re-work on some bugs you find might be fixed, but be sure to post if you spot any!)

(If I miss type anything, also please let me know!)

I also Post most updates on my site Forums...For my maps and etc....But I might forget about "SEN" site.. soo I be sure to check in now and then!

Alright This is Cool-Knight ttyl! 8-)

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Up coming Update/Changes! :)
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