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Apr 3 2017, 4:43 pm
By: omginbd  

Apr 3 2017, 4:43 pm omginbd Post #1

In case anyone hasn't seen it: Basically you can draw one pixel every 5 minutes. Autism ensues. Also a lot of dicks. Anyway, any interest in making a place for SEN? It seems like there's some garbage space to the south-west of the startcraft 2 logo:


TL built a script to draw and maintain their horse logo. Perhaps someone smart can change it to be something senny?


Welp it ended. Too slow I guess.

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Apr 3 2017, 4:44 pm Corbo Post #2


Cool. Lets do it.

fuck you all

Apr 3 2017, 10:03 pm Oh_Man Post #3

Find Me On Discord (Brood War UMS Community & Staredit Network)

Aint nobody got time for that

Apr 3 2017, 10:27 pm Corbo Post #4


could probably paint one pixel or two while we wait for a SEN page to load. Why not?

fuck you all

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[10:06 pm]
Suicidal Insanity -- Move the enum out to a base base class that isn't templated and make the template base class derive from it
[10:06 pm]
Suicidal Insanity -- Haha yes that is a pain
[09:28 pm]
jjf28 -- but really I just wanna access the enum of the base class; shouldn't be impossible..
[09:27 pm]
jjf28 -- maybe making template that would require recursively filling in the same template won't quite work
[08:19 pm]
Moose -- Voyager7456
Voyager7456 shouted: Nekron I wouldn't know, I looked directly at a snow map once and burnt out my retinas
imagine being this mad about a tileset LMAO
[06:34 pm]
Pr0nogo -- generally i don't think any of the tilesets look good without details anymore, spoiled by custom tiles
[05:56 pm]
Nekron -- also damn there are very few snow maps in the campaign, is it 1 per episode?
[05:55 pm]
Nekron -- you can get good looking areas with relatively low doodad counts
[05:50 pm]
Nekron -- theres lots of random details on snow tiles compared to other tilesets
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