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Custom Hero Wars 2017
Feb 24 2017, 12:10 pm
By: MetalGear  

Feb 24 2017, 12:10 pm MetalGear Post #1

I keep talking about making my final map. And then... I'm back! Well, this time around I'm making a new version of Custom Hero Wars, except it's completely my own style.

The same concepts follow from the original. You get to choose all your spells (total of 6 per player) and every 5 minutes you get a fight-to-the-death battle round. Winners will receive certain bonuses such as temporary HP upgrades, gold, and reduced spell cooldowns.

Tilset: Jungle
Size: 192*192
Players: 3 versus 3
Progress: 99%

How to Play
There are 2 teams. Each team must protect its Temple. To win, destroy the enemy Temple. Simple.

Level Points
Every time you level up, you get to choose one of the following upgrades:
  • Raise your health.
  • Raise your mana and mana regeneration.
  • Get money. Spend on weapons.
  • Upgrade spawn units.

Battle Arena Bonuses
Attain rewards by winning rounds in the battle arena.

Defensive Spells

1. Arcane Blast: Prohibits enemies from casting spells for 6 seconds.
2. Energy Shield: Creates an area of invincibility. Lasts 3 seconds.
3. Magic Barrier: Stuns enemies and gains 20% spell resistance.
4. Paralysis Ward: Stuns targets for 2 seconds each time they cast a spell.
5. Replenish: Redeems 100 mana and raises spell resistance by 30%.
6. Spell Shield: Makes you immune to magical attacks for 6 seconds.
7. Time Travel: Teleports you back 10 seconds in time.

Destruction Spells

1. Barrage: Creates a series of Siege Tanks.
2. Beast Pit: Creates a barricade of Lurkers.
3. Blast Cannon: Builds a powerful Siege Tank.
4. Freeze: Freezes an enemy hero for 4 seconds and deals 300 damage.
5. Gun Turrets: Creates 3 Goliaths for 30 seconds.
6. Hex: Causes enemies to become hostile to alliances for 6 seconds.
7. Wild Beast: Summons a ferocious beast onto the battlefield.

Offensive Spells

1. Blink Strike: Teleports to an enemy and stuns for 1 second.
2. Boom Dust: Stuns nearby enemies for 2.25 seconds.
3. Cold Snap: Slows enemies for 6 seconds.
4. Flash: Teleports enemies to your location.
5. Frost Burn: Briefly stuns an opponent 3 times.
6. Magic Missile: Stuns an enemy for 2.5 seconds.
7. Switch: Swaps your location with an enemy hero.

Ultimate Spells

1. Empower: Heals you, adds 900 HP, and raises spell resistance by 50% for 10 seconds.
2. Incinerate: Reduces HP of nearby enemies to 40%.
3. Lethal Rocket: Stuns an enemy for 2.75 seconds and deals 600 damage.
4. Magnetic Surge: Forces enemy heroes towards you and disarms them.
5. Mine Field: Creates a huge array of Spider Mines.
6. Rejuvenate: Restores full HP and adds 50% spell resistance for 5 seconds.
7. Sonic Boom: Stuns enemy heroes and kills all enemies below 500 max HP.

Basic Upgrades (automatic)

1. Arcane Shield: Gives a 25% chance to block targeted spells.
2. Fighting Spirit: Reduces respawn time by half.
3. Mage Armor: Adds 20% magic resistance (reduces duration of stuns).
4. Reincarnation: Gives a 15% chance to revive you if you die.
5. Recovery: Increases mana regeneration by 2 for allies.
6. Resourceful: Adds 100 gold per minute.
7. Windfall: Increases cash for kills by +10.

Spell Upgrades (automatic)

1. Benefactor: Reduces spell cooldowns by 15%.
2. Extra Impact: Magic Missile stuns for an extra 1.25 seconds.
3. Frostbite: Increases damage of spell Freeze by 150.
4. Gravitation: Increases range of spell Magnetic Surge by 6.
5. Intense Flames: Spell Incinerate deals an extra 20% damage.
6. Indestructible: Spell Energy Shield lasts an extra 1.5 seconds.
7. Savant Mage: Reduces mana costs by 25%.


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Mar 16 2017, 7:21 pm ClansAreForGays Post #2

I'm down to play this. I'll msg you

Mar 17 2017, 6:23 am MetalGear Post #3

Cool. The map's nearly complete and I'm beta testing now. Add me online, my username is silveredge.


Mar 18 2017, 11:38 pm ClansAreForGays Post #4

Don't think we can get anything going if you can only message over bnet

Mar 19 2017, 11:50 am MetalGear Post #5

Let's arrange a time then. What time do you usually come online? I'm from Australia so we'll have to work with that time difference.


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