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HDD showing wrong size
Jan 16 2017, 3:17 am
By: NudeRaider  

Jan 16 2017, 3:17 am NudeRaider Post #1

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I'm having a strange problem with my data drive, which is a 4TB internal SATA HDD.

The drive was originally initialized and partitioned by Windows 8.1 where things were fine.
Then I integrated the drive into my Windows 7 installation and as far as I remember it showed 200 GB capacity right from the beginning.
I changed permissions to the new local user and might have done some repartitioning (but I can't remember if or what exactly). Since I could access my data and write to it just fine, I ignored the wrong reported size.

Kind of annoyed by it because I can't easily tell how much free space I have left I now want to tackle the issue, but either the partition programs are reporting that everything is fine and show the correct size:

Or they report it wrong and are unable to do anything about it:

So what can I do to have Windows 7 show me the correct partition size and more importantly free space left?
I assume this is some kind of header problem, since reading and writing works fine, so ideally I'd just want to fix that.

As far as workarounds go these are my ideas, but I can't do them or don't know how.
- I have currently about 1.7 TiB in use so I can't easily store that onto another drive and redo the partitioning
- but I could - if that were somehow possible - create a new 2TB partition, move the data over, delete the old partition and add the now unallocated space to the new partition and hope that fixes it. Problem is which program lets me do that in a manner that makes sure the new partition doesn't overwrite data?

After checking things after making this thread I noticed the most curious thing: When I open the partition properties from the disk management interface I get correct readings, and those are DIFFERENT from the disk properties readings from Windows explorer. So basically Windows knows the correct partition but explorer can't access it?!

Cool, solved the problem myself. The just noticed oddity above prompted me to do some more fiddling around. The reason the explorer was showing the disk as 200 GB was that I activated a quota limit of 200 GB. Originally I intended to prevent users in my network to have write access, but not be able to completely fill the drive. I don't need it anymore, so I deactivated it and the explorer is showing the correct size again. :facepalm:

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Feb 22 2017, 6:19 am Vrael Post #2

Did you try turning it off and then on again?


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