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AfreecaTV Starleague
Dec 6 2016, 4:58 am
By: Sie_Sayoka  

Dec 6 2016, 4:58 am Sie_Sayoka Post #1

For those of you who are interested, progaming in Starcraft is making a resurgence in popularity after nearly 6 years of dormancy. They started again in July but the second season is currently going on which will be very interesting given the big-named players that are returning.

Here's the schedule of the games. Currently the first two sets of matches are finished.

Here's the roster of the players. A lot of the progamers that went to SC2 are coming back.


They both stream and offer VODs of each session. I recommend watching the first season as well as the games there were great. Also check out the Giga Legends Match where Bisu, Stork, Flash, and Jaedong play against each other.

Personally I'm rooting for my boy Jaedong.


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