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Need help with just 2 things
Feb 15 2016, 2:40 am
By: Shyster  

Feb 15 2016, 2:40 am Shyster Post #1

Hi, I've been playing Brood War again recently, and as an avid modder wanted to make a few small changes to each race. I'm not looking to do anything very ambitious. I have run into a couple problems, one of them is very bad and I couldn't find anywhere else to ask.

1) I wanted to give High Templars an attack and while this works, they do not naturally have an attack icon and I haven't found anything explaining how to add it yet.

2) When I use DatEdit to modify the dat files, it completely overwrites the MPQ I opened with old patch info from like 2007. Spawning pools costing 150 minerals kind of BS. I made sure to load the new BrooDat, as patch.rt has a lot of old data in it, it must have happened when I saved the dat files. It seems to be a program flaw because I even prepared for this the second time and I still got screwed up. I've had to reinstall the damn game twice now because of this and basically realized I can't mod it at all without being reverted to like patch 1.07 or something.

I am sure there are just a few things I don't know that would help, can someone point me in the right direction?

Thanks for reading


Feb 15 2016, 4:14 am SCRuler Post #2

To bring back attack to HTs you need to use Firegraft. It's frankly quite easy.
All you gotta do is copypaste the attack icon from anywhere else (like marine or whatever, I wouldnt suggest Lurker) to the empty slot in the HT command card.
2) I'm pretty sure there's sets of stuff you can get, like DatEdit, that are somewhat up to date, that covers at least 1.15.2 and 1.6.1. There's a version of Firegraft you can get that has full EXE capability that requires like 1.16.1.
I suggest you look up the MOST recent versions of the tools, and if the issue still happens and it irritates the life out of you, it's probably best to edit the values in your own MPQ with DatEdit (where honestly, it should save everything you edit).


Feb 15 2016, 6:10 am O)FaRTy1billion[MM] Post #3

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You've got it backwards. Use the files in patch_rt, they are the patch files. BrooDat will be 1.04 files.

Also use Save As, so as to not overwrite the original files.

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Feb 15 2016, 7:05 am Shyster Post #4

Sorry, it's somewhat confusing because all the readmes are terrible if someone hasn't done this before.

I actually encountered that bug first while editing patch_rt, I tried Broodat after it had happened once already. The only reason I was directly editing the base MPQs is because the custom EXEs I made did nothing when I ran them. I've seen other people ask about that elsewhere (seems to be a Win7 thing?) and they got no reply so I gave up on that.

Also, I couldn't find a Firegraft that was both compatible w/ 1.16.1 *and* exe editing. Lot of dead website links too. I never found a newer DatEdit version besides 1.5 either. I guess I will try playing around with it a bit more

### Edit: ###

Ok so I fixed everything except the command card thing with High Temps. I used Firegraft and it was really easy, however when I get in game it still doesn't show it. Still working at it ..

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Feb 16 2016, 9:16 pm Shyster Post #5

Yeah I can't figure out why it's not working. I open up my copy of the mpq and it still shows the changes I made as shown below. To me everything looks fine. Is there something else I need to do as well?


Feb 16 2016, 9:55 pm Pr0nogo Post #6

Well, it may seem fairly obvious, but have you given the High Templar an attack?

Also, in order for the button changes to take into effect, you'll need to save it as an exe, which you then copy your mpq changes into.

Feb 17 2016, 4:04 am Shyster Post #7

Thanks, I hadn't tried saving it as an exe ever since DatEdit's exes didn't work. Got everything working now <3


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