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WH40k Diplo match replays
Nov 19 2015, 6:50 pm
By: Zoko-TkZ  

Nov 19 2015, 6:50 pm Zoko-TkZ Post #1

So who likes a good diplomacy match around here? Ever since I got tired of vanilla broodwar diplomacy's about all I play, and I've customized a version that tries to capture the kind of competitive-strategic appeal that I enjoy most. And hey wouldn't you know, its themed on Warhammer 40k? Its my somewhat popular(?) on Nibbits but completely unheard of on here 40k diplo project, if you're looking for a good ums diplomacy fix then this here game's right for you. Some of the qualities that I've focused on in making this map:

-Unique races and unit roles: 7 races to play each with a unique unit selection that all act out different roles, creating a unique play dynamic for each race. Almost EVERY possible unit is used in this map.
-Spells/Special abilities: In addition to unique armies, each race has some special abilities. In creating these I've tried to stay away from the typical starcraft dynamics, making spells that fit each faction's theme.
-Big armies, challenging battles: Battles here can rage across large sections of the map, its not uncommon for players to amass 200-300 unit armies. Army composition and positioning plays a significant role in the outcome of battles.
-Frequent updates and balance: This game is meant for competitive play, and something I've seen most diplomacy maps struggle with (and hell, a lot of rts games in general) is proper balance. Here, each race gives you an arsenal to work with which you use to create an effective playstyle. Balance means that no one race will give you an arsenal that is inherently more effective than another. Similarly, no one factor in an arsenal alone is effective enough to win you the game, requiring a more nuanced playstyle. In other words, this game is designed to open up more options of play, and create more situations where a playstyle can be effective.

If anything, I think diplomacy games are very fun to watch as you can see everything that goes on from all sides. Territory is captured, armies amassed and the power struggle progresses in a pretty non-linear way. So I've decided that I'll be posting up our more interesting matches on here as a way of spreading the diplo-love.

For our first cast we've got Orks (Green), Space Marines (Blue), Tau (Brown), Chaos (Red) and Eldar (White). Here are some highlights from the match, and you can download the full replay below (to view, save it in the replay folder of your maps directory and load it like a map).

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pallfy -- use bgh
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pallfy -- Wow thanks
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Suicidal Insanity -- On game start you could detect who is at which start location, store that in switches / dcs, and use that to permanently force alliances. Lots of combinations though
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MTiger156 -- That 2v2v2v2 mapping problem does sound like an interesting challenge. Its worth putting some experimentation into. I could make an example map for combining locked alliances (based on lobby forces) + random start location. Though an EUD solution would be the most efficient, I will avoid that for the sake of simplicity.
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NudeRaider -- *compromises
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NudeRaider -- pallfy
pallfy shouted: thanks, but that sounds complicated
well, that's the gist of sc mapping. Either accept the limits sc sets for you and work within those parameters, or get creative and find complicated solutions to achieve what you want. The latter can be most satisfying. Sometimes comprised are inevitable though. Also see my respnse in the thread.
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pallfy -- thanks, but that sounds complicated
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pallfy -- hey raider
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NudeRaider -- FaRTy1billion
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hard to believe that they are predators with almost no enemies in the wild
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