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New Starcraft Campaign: Tales of Halcyon
Oct 11 2015, 3:20 pm
By: Andrea Rosa  

Jan 8 2020, 1:40 am stalwart ghostess Post #21

Just finished playing this campaign. I expected it to be as good as Voices of the Swarm, and my expectations were fully met. Once again the balance was perfect. The 1st level had a few parts that seemed a bit too easy, however it got very challenging trying to reach the Cerebrate. The same goes for the 2nd level: you are tricked into thinking that it will be a walk in the park, however stealing the crystal won't be easy because the Protoss suddenly go berserk and you are basically cut off from reinforcements. In the 3rd level you are given limited control over a Zerg brood (and a well-known Zerg titan), which allows for multiple strategies... and then you play the wonderful 4th level, one of the best and most compelling defense maps ever made. The last two missions are a tour de force, and they hold several surprises that I won't spoil for you.

The heroes are well characterized without being stereotypical: Schezar is deceptive and arrogant but also shows a twisted sense of humor, Cavendish is pragmatic and compassionate (would you expect that from a Confederate?), Larsson has some similarities with Raynor, but my favorite is Krauzer: his competence, self-control, elusive past and loyalty really make for a cool character. Briefings and dialogues are meaningful and concise, so that you don't have to spend too much time reading overly long text, and the writing is quite good, despite English not being Andrea's native language.

As I expected, all maps have a beautiful terrain layout and well implemented victory conditions. Andrea has definitely nailed the SC feeling, and the story perfectly connects to Enslavers. Not only that, but the campaign also reflects the spirit of the highly factionalized Terrans: in the span of just six scenarios, you get to play as the humble Colonial Militia of Halcyon, then you team up with Schezar's Scavengers only to be exploited and backstabbed, and end up joining Delta Squadron for your ultimate revenge.

Great work Andrea, I really hope to see more from you in the future! :)

~~~ Si vis pacem, para bellum ~~~

May 11 2020, 8:39 pm Andrea Rosa Post #22



- The campaign has been rebranded as "Veteran Level"
- Auto-centering function for "End of Briefing" (mainly for those who have StarCraft Remastered).


- New sound effect in mission briefing.
- New triggered attacks.


- New triggered attacks.


- The available resources have been slightly increased.


- Bunkers have +1 armor.
- The Player's starting amount of minerals has been reduced from 1600 to 1500.
- Minimal changes to the map.


- The cost of Nuclear Missiles has been cut in half (100 minerals, 100 gas). This change does not apply to the final mission.
- Marcus Jenkins' Hit Points have been increased from 180 to 250.
- The available resources have been slightly increased.


- The available resources have been slightly increased.
- The "Thank You" text is now yellow colored

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RdeRenato -- xd
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IlyaSnopchenko -- that, or they should've instead made the probes to fly somehow, so all the workers were equally capable :)
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IlyaSnopchenko -- Maybe they'll get around to fix flying drones after they've fixed the flying SCVs
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Dem0n -- and hope they never touch it again
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Oh_Man -- Look every1 blizz updated SC without breaking everything. Let's give them a round of applause!
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That's not what I meant. I can see internal company culture changing, but I have zero hopes that Blizzard will go back to caring about their customers. A good rep just isn't as profitable as milking. I would say once a company becomes a stock company they cannot be the humble good guys anymore they have a duty to make as much money as possible.
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I'm only aware of Germany, but I would be very surprised if they didn't try this shit in other countries too. Disclaimer: I actually have no idea how responsibly that agency is using their right to veto. Maybe they do it fine but I don't trust them. They are supposed to regulate the market and keep net neutrality. But in the past they failed to prevent shit like Stream On. It's an option for phone flatrates where Youtube etc. are making contracts with Telekom that you can continue using it even if you used up all the GBs of your volume flatrate. And even if that agency does it properly, it's just not right they can do it without a court.
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whoaoaoaoaoaoaoaoa what? is this just in germany? I'm sure the U.S. has some equally asinine rules too but
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