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Setting pauses remaining
Aug 27 2015, 10:59 pm
By: Neiv  

Aug 27 2015, 10:59 pm Neiv Post #1

Hello. Today I'm going to tell how to modify the amount of pauses remaining with an obscure buffer overflow.

The overflow is triggered by running an ai script "Set player to ally/enemy here", which either unallies or allies all players at the location specified. If the location contains units owned by extended players, Starcraft will happily write 0 (enemy) or 2 (ally) to memory past the alliance status.

Sadly, there are only 244 bytes reachable with this overflow, and most of them are either leaderboard data (which can be modified with normal actions) or unused pre-bw location data. There seem to be only 2 interesting values: Start location coordinates of players - which are mostly useless, but seem to affect AI expansion pattern (or something related), and the amount of pauses each player has remaining.

So we can write either 0 or 2 to remaining pauses for each player, by placing units for extended players at location, and using "Set player to ally/enemy here" ai script on that location. The player running the script needs to be computer player, but each player can be used to do same things, the extended player used is just different.
  • Player 1 uses players 228-235
  • Player 2 uses players 216-223
  • Player 3 uses players 204-211
  • Player 4 uses players 192-199
  • Player 5 uses players 180-187
  • Player 6 uses players 168-175
  • Player 7 uses players 156-163
  • Player 8 uses players 144-151

So to set player 1's pauses to 0, you can run Set player to enemy here for player 1 at location which contains an unit owned by player 228, or run the same script for player 7 at location which contains an unit owned by player 156.
Player 6's pauses can be set to 2 by running Set player to ally here for player 3 at location containing player 209's unit and so on.



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