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Project: The one true mod
Mar 20 2015, 1:23 am
By: Corbo  

Mar 20 2015, 1:23 am Corbo Post #1


The one true mod
One mod to rule them all, one mod to own them, one mod to beat them all and in the darkness throw them

Okay, here's the deal. I'm making a mod. Not just any mod but a true Total Conversion. The goal is to modify Starcraft so heavily to make an entire new game with it.
As for the moment I have nothing to show, except some attempt of a very general idea I have for this and what I want it to be story-wise.

Though, my current idea is making a mod completely based on space and the early terran colonies, So like starcraft BEFORE starcraft and the history of the three terran ships that departed from earth in order to coolonize the koprulu sector. You know the deal, terrans came in three ships, one colonized Tarsonis which became the confederacy, the other ones stablished Morian and Umojans.

So basically having the three "races" act like a commandment for those ships. You could freely choose which ship you'd like to control (without that pesky "must finisg ACT I first" message) and your main objective (campaign-wise) would be to stablish a working colony. Upon controlling said "ships" (clicking the ship's missions) you'd be sent on to the star map to the missions you can do. Those being planet colonizations, space exploration, resource gathering missions and such and these missions, instead of being in a listed form just like SC1 does right now, they'd be presented in a "starmap" form. Meaning you'd have to be knowledge able in smk editing and it'd also take some clever .bin editing as well.

So here's how this topic's going to work. This is a development topic, I will not post here final products or prettied stuff, hell, the mod doesn't even have a name "the one true mod" is the codename. All that stuff will eventually come in another topic, the official topic for the mod when I feel confident I have enough material to showoff. Instead, I'll post here my development. Think of it like a blog/shoutbox where if I want to show you I modeled a planet, I'll just post it for you guys to see it.

Since I haven't modded in around 8 years it'll also take a while since I'll basically be relearning everything there is.

TLDR: this topic is not an official mod topic, it's a development topic of one TC. I'll post here whatever I am currently working on. You guys can pitch in and comment.

fuck you all

Mar 20 2015, 1:34 am Corbo Post #2


Development Entry #1

So A week ago I started thinking about the cinematics of the game. Yes, it WILL have cinematics.

The initial concept of the first cinematic is to show the four ships, the sarengo, the reagan, according to the story, they crash-landed. The sarengo suffering major damage and creating the sarengo canyon (everybody died). The other two ships, the Argo and the Nagglfar did their job properly. (sort of)

So the events of the game will take place just after their landings.

The first cinematic scene (and intro to the game) will most likely be a short scene of the ships in their journey before arriving to their respective landing planes. first we'd see two awesome ships that just travel in space and in the background two ships entering a planet's atmosphere (kind of like how a rocket achieves supersonic when entering earth) those two ships would be the sarengo and the reagan crash landing on umoja.

Also, here's Umoja:

First attempt for it for the cinematic. Or at least it'll serve for art purposes.

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fuck you all

Mar 20 2015, 12:08 pm Sand Wraith Post #3


I feel like the planet could use a lot more illumination. With pictures of Earth in mind, I think it would be reasonable to make the planet well-lit as a whole.

Mar 20 2015, 6:45 pm Corbo Post #4


In no way that was the real thing :P All in all if any, it has TOO MUCH lightning. Planets just don't reflect light like that in their seas...

But thanks for at least commenting something in the topic :P

fuck you all

Mar 21 2015, 7:34 am Corbo Post #5


Development Entry #2

So I played a little bit with tilesets and what can we do at the moment with them. Obviously a lot.

It has brought me to one decision, my custom made tilesets will follow no existing pallete, but rather, their own.

For this time I just wanted to make a proof of concept. Using a sand beach texture I wanted to add it to the game (I had to pallete it) and I also wanted to make the borders and fully make it use the ISOM so one could later create maps for my mod.

I started with the simple texture and added it to the proper megatile groups. Looked like this:

I decided to make the ISOM, for which I needed a mask, to cut out the edges, I did it fast, without thinking much about it. So yeah... it's just a proof of concept.

Which ended up looking like this with the textures (This is not in game):

So after doing a lot of work with properly chopping that into tiles and adding them manually to the tileset, using PyTILE I arrived at this:

As you can see I faced some issues but I did make it work with the ISOM nonetheless. Issues can be fixed. They were mostly due to me not recognizing which corners were which. Also, the way the tileeditor works is also an issue, but both of them can be resolved.

So we're on a good path with tilesets. This proves that I could, in theory, make my tilesets accordingly so people could later create maps for my mods. Awesome, right?

fuck you all

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