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ALL hard drives failing
Dec 10 2014, 10:30 am
By: Oh_Man  

Dec 10 2014, 10:30 am Oh_Man Post #1

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This isn't possible right, my hard drives cant ALL be failing at once?

Does this automatically = my motherboard needs replacing, or can it be something else?

Dec 10 2014, 4:21 pm NudeRaider Post #2

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Can you post the S.M.A.R.T. values of your drives? That should give a good indication of what's actually going on.

There's many tools out there for that. Here's one that doesn't need installation and can output the results in a text file:
Extract and run as admin.

Dec 11 2014, 3:58 am Lanthanide Post #3

When multiple separate pieces of HW fail at the same time, the first thing to look to is environmental.

Two biggest environmental factors: electricity from the power supply and system heat. It's possible to bake HDDs with too high internal case temperatures.

Another 'environmental' factor is of course the motherboard, since everything has to talk to it, if there's something wrong with it, other parts of the system can start showing problems. Since your list shows an SSD is going bad as well as regular HHDs, it's probably more likely to be a motherboard / SW problem than it is an actual problem with all of those separate HDs.

Also, SMART can give false negatives, but rarely gives false positives.


Dec 11 2014, 12:17 pm Oh_Man Post #4

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SMART shows all green except for one or two error things that I don't understand.

I have all my HDs working now, I think it was heat. Didn't realise HDs ran that risk. It is a brutal Australian summer, and my case fan filters were pretty dusty - so I have cleaned them out. Haven't noticed any errors so far.

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