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StarCraft 2-1=1: Wings of Liberty
Oct 4 2014, 2:10 pm
By: Arkane  

Oct 4 2014, 2:10 pm Arkane Post #1

Poopies. Just Poopies.

Hello! This is my first mod that I'm willing to publicize. I have tons of other mods but they're all not good so I won't bother in sharing them. ;~;

Anywho, I hope you like what you see here! I'll be posting updates sporadically. Also, pardon the uninspired title of the mod. Its just that its what you would expect. WoL in broodwar and I'm pretty sure a whole lot of people have done this already. One may say "Ugh, not again!" but hey! Why not? I mean, I'm not doing this for anything except that its fun to do.


There's basically no change in how you play it. The only modifications I did was on the voices of the units, sound effects, hero stats and whatnot. For example, the Odin is a siege tank that fires arclite shock cannon for its main and short rapid bursts of yamato cannon when its in siege mode. Some changes are listed here:

- Changed Arbiter attack speed to 1 to mimic void ray strategy of being effective in focusing on a single target en masse.
- Added ground attack for the Valkyrie.
- There are now two Hyperions. The only difference between the two are the voices and the portraits.
- Some buildings that have no wht00 are now given sound. I used the the critter wht01 and wht02 response as placers for the building sounds.
- Raynor's Vulture's soundfiles is used as the sound for the Jim Raynor piloted Hyperion.
- The supply Depot is now a drop off for resources.
- High templars can now attack.
- Edmund Duke's siege tank = Odin with Tychus' voice. Basic Attack: Arclite shock cannon at the speed of 10 with a damage of 70. Siege mode: Yamato at 15, 200.
- Sarah Kerrigan = Nova Terra. No change except voices.
- Samir Duran = Gabriel Tosh. Now has plasma shields, permacloacked, but no lockdown. No longer a spellcaster.
- Ghosts = Spectres. Though there is little change. Spectres only have plasma shields.
- Gui Montag = Tychus Findlay. He fires three missiles instead of the flamethrower. I'm still thinking of how to remove the flamethrower animation attack.
- Tassadar = Karass
- Ganthritor = Selendis
- Fenix (Dragoon) = Immortal. Can be trained at the Nexus. Requires Robotics support bay.
- Fenix (Zealot) = "Zealot Adept". Its basically your normal zealot with splash damage, higher shield. Can be trained at the Nexus. Requires Citadel of Adun.
- Zeratul and Raynor had no change except the voices
- I have no plans on changing the Zerg sound. I would change kerrigan's infested samir duran, and the overmind's voice with that of SC2's though.


I've only finished the first three Mar Sara missions. I'm going to do the Colonist mission next, all according to canon. That means there's no mission on Haven's fall, or any other non-canon missions. The conversations you have on the Hyperion will be done in the briefing room. I'll only be including those that are important to the story. That means there's no conversations about Kerrigan's picture, the trophies you collect, etc. They will be done according to convinience, I suppose. Anywho, here's some screenshots. I'm going to take more tonight or tomorrow.

From MarSara02

"You know, for the most wanted man in the sector, you ain't that hard to find..."

"Keep your shirt on, son..."

From MarSara01

"Don't go up that road..."



I'll post a link for the mod and the Mar Sara missions when I find a way how to merge multiple .mpqs. If you guys want the .mpqs and just run them all together in mpqdraft, I won't mind uploading the .mpqs. Just tell me! :3

The maps themselves don't need the mod, though.

Maps are still buggy as hell, though. Will update whenever.

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Sort of wish that the SCBW Modding Community was still active. </3

Nov 25 2015, 8:39 pm JanuszPawulon Post #2

How do you record SC1 with Fraps?


Nov 26 2015, 5:39 pm Rawflesh0615 Post #3

Will you able to work on it?


Nov 27 2015, 3:57 am Oh_Man Post #4

Find Me On Discord (Brood War UMS Community & Staredit Network)

A really cool concept. What I think would be really amazing and elevate something like this to epic levels would be 2D sprite re-imaginings of the SC2 units and buildings. Hell, I'd pay money for that. :P

Keep up the good work.

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