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Gravity mod
Apr 17 2014, 7:22 pm
By: 09xela  

Apr 17 2014, 7:22 pm 09xela Post #1

Well, I finaly made wet autorepair, not so good as planned, but really good. My Gravity mod are ready to be introduced.
Main changes:
1) Protoss has same speedup upgrade for all air units. This upgrade has 3 levels, and each speedup all air units. Also removed Robotic tree of development, and dark archon.
2) Ultralisk and defilerunit morph not from larva, but from zergling and hydralisk, also defilerunit has ground attack and special upgrade, allowing to do with it double damage to organic units.
3) All terran armor/weapon upgrades now in Enginering Bay, Armory removed. SCV starts to repair automaticaly=))
4) Xell'Naga lost ships: Bioguard, and Goalwaer - super air units, each looks same as protoss scout, but has firepower of small fleet.
5) New zerg units: Infested Marine (only in map editor) and Hunter Killer (now can be hired).

P.S. Fogoten main:
Download (while unauthored):
Advanced download page:
Moddb page:

Hits: 14 Size: 115.29kb
Hits: 6 Size: 132.05kb
Hits: 8 Size: 98.16kb

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Apr 17 2014, 8:12 pm 09xela Post #2

For now I need help of at least 4 persons:
BINeditor (to edit game menu);
GRPeditor(to add new models);
AI script programmer;


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