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Alter Actor Model Animation
Jan 27 2014, 6:00 am
By: Dabbu  

Jan 27 2014, 6:00 am Dabbu Post #1

One thing that really bugs me about the new zealot is how they attack.
The SC1 Zealot was much more fearsome.

I'd like to alter the attack animation pool (via actor messages?) in order to keep mainly the traditional stabbing attacks.
Another thing I'd like to do is increase the animation speed during those animation, right now they look "Lazy".


Jan 27 2014, 2:48 pm TF- Post #2


I remember doing that, you want to find the name of the animation from the cutscene editor, might be something like Attack 02, then edit the actor message that plays the animation so it always plays Attack 02 instead of Attack, that same message has parameters to let you edit animation time scale, change from -1 to like 2 to make it twice as fast.


Jan 28 2014, 4:57 am Dabbu Post #3

I figured it would be something like this had I looked through the actor messaged, but was feeling lazy and posted about it...
and thusly OMG I LOVE YOU.


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[06:06 pm]
Vrael -- and as of today they dont owe you a dime for anything their AI generates in your style, unless you can win that battle in court
[06:05 pm]
Vrael -- so like if you're a comic strip author and OpenAI or whoever just stole all your comic strips and now their model can reproduce things in your style, you never gave them permission to do that
[06:04 pm]
Vrael -- ultimately I think there will be some kind of "Fair Use" guidelines for AI just like fair use for comedy and stuff, but maybe the bigger problem is that the people training the AI have unfairly scraped millions of websites to compile these datasets they use
[06:01 pm]
Vrael -- now, if Lucasfilm gets an AI-scan clone of Viggo that they use to generate millions of dollars somehow, then I think Viggo is going to care quite a lot
[06:01 pm]
Vrael -- with AI generation (or even impersonation), I think you can ask yourself "What am I taking away from the source author?" And if the answer is "nothing" then I don't see any problem, like making a SC map I really dont think Viggo Mortensen would ever care
[2023-12-09. : 1:16 am]
NudeRaider -- Dem0n
Dem0n shouted: who said you were crossing a line
NT kinda did Ultraviolet
Ultraviolet shouted: I always thought it was kind of messed up to impersonate someone without their permission, but I guess that's artistic license for you. When you get into the realm of using AI to do it.. it seems even worse to me, but I'm not sure why
[2023-12-08. : 8:38 pm]
Zoan -- and tbh no, this is exactly the type of thing ai should be used for. Now if you were monetizing it, I would say you should emohasize you used ai for the voicelines
[2023-12-08. : 8:29 pm]
Zoan -- he asked if "am I now crossing a line"
[2023-12-08. : 7:43 pm]
Dem0n -- who said you were crossing a line
[2023-12-08. : 2:24 pm]
Oh_Man -- but if i want to make a LOTR map and use AI generation to give aragorn etc more voice lines am I now suddenly crossing a line? wen did we get so snowflakey
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