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Mini-Game Party
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Sep 2 2007, 7:11 am
By: MillenniumArmy
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Sep 17 2008, 8:33 pm payne Post #261


A source told me that he had only 10 mini-games left to do :O


Sep 20 2008, 6:57 am Ei47 Post #262

I'm not sure if you're looking for more game ideas, but I was bored during my french class so :P

Each player has a tank at the top of the arena. Below the tanks air units patrol horizontally. Players Siege their tanks to "cast" their lines. A scourge moves straight to the bottom of the arena, and if it hits a unit, it brings it back up to the surface. If the scourge reaches the bottom of the arena, the player can move the tank to manipulate the scourges path and try to hook better "fishes"
Different units could give different points, or some could take points away. First player to however many points wins the minigame.
I'm not really sure if it would be possible to make this using limited locations, but I'm a noob at conserving locations so there might be someway to do it. Anyways, can't wait for the final ver, keep it up!


Sep 20 2008, 10:07 pm USS Cane Post #263

The above is actualy a good idea. : o


Sep 20 2008, 11:29 pm Morphling Post #264

Or you could do fishing like Tuxlar's map.


Sep 21 2008, 8:29 pm Pigy_G Post #265

Fishing where you can control the scrouge slightly, Like constantly order it there but it belongs to them so they can move it a little bit, That is a good idea. Especially how some fish could be bad, maybe even poison you're whole catch XD

EDIT: I just had an idea,

Lily Pads!

All players start in a large cricle, with beacons surrounding and under them, Every 3 countdown timer seconds, Or shorter to make you have to respond quickly, the lily pads change color randomly. You can only walk on pads of you're color, You have to make it to the shore, which could be a surrounding terrain.

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Sep 22 2008, 12:29 am Generalpie Post #266

Staredit Puckwork

I think i got an idea for a variation of a few.
NOTE: all of these are random!(i just love random surprises!) ^^

Pistol Duels: on random times, each player gets 1 hallucination! if the real one dies then the hallucination dies with it.
Whack-A-Mole: Make a mole and a bomb mole(different type of zergling) at random times and if you shoot it you skip a turn!
Hot potato: Another random time variation. on a random round, the flags will start spinning!
Wavy Treadmill: yet another random variation. A random treadmill pattern will occur!

Well thats the end of my post.Any feedback?

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Sep 24 2008, 1:07 am Kaiser-NP- Post #267

Is this project dead?


Sep 24 2008, 1:31 am Pigy_G Post #268

Of course not, MA just doesn't post all of the mini games he finish's.


Sep 24 2008, 2:31 am ClansAreForGays Post #269

This is too almost-finished to be dead, if anything it would just be prematurely finished.

Sep 24 2008, 4:18 am MillenniumArmy Post #270

All mini-game ideas are now set in stone. Thank you to everyone.

I won't tell you how many games are left to go, but here are all the remaining ideas.

#105 Taxi Drivers
Sort of like my Taxi drivers map, but not really. You have a Vulture. Pick up a civilian and a flag will spawn somewhere on the map. The flag is where you must drop off your civilian. There will be numerous patrolling cars. If you run into any of them you will have to start over. First to bring 5 people to their destination wins.

#106 Reaver dodge
You have a reaver. Dodge all enemy reavers that spawn. Last man standing wins. Simple enough?

#107 Trace the Wraith
Inspired by yamico96. Each round a computer wraith will wander around for a few seconds and then disappear. You are to trace this wraith's pathline exactly with your scourge and reach the point where he disappeared from. If you are off by even a little bit, you will have to start over. As time elapses, the wraith's trajectory will slowly be revealed, making it easier. First to reach the ending point gets a point. And first to 3 points wins.

#108 WTF
The map randomly picks a winner. Oh the suspense.

#109 Freeze Dodge
For a few seconds, you can move your units around. Then, your units will be frozen and enemy units will have their turn to wander around. This is somewhat a turn based game in the sense that you and the enemy computer units will take turns moving your unit(s) around. Your goal is to dodge all computer units. Get hit once, you are eliminated. As time elapses, the computer gets more and more units. Last man standing wins

#110 Lurker Dance
Straight from Mario Party on starcraft. You have a civilian and enemy lurkers will spawn. Use your 1337 skills and dodge the spikes. As time elapses more lurkers spawn. Last man standing wins

#111 Scourge Collector.
Scourges and wraiths will spawn from one side of the arena and travel horizontally towards your side. Your goal is to touch as many scourges as you can for points. However if you touch a wraith that's flying by, you will lose points. After 1 minute, whoever has the most points wins.

#112 Avoid MillenniumArmy
MillenniumArmy is a very evil bad guy who will eat your insides alive. The arena is filled with standard ghosts, but in there somewhere is MillenniumArmy. Your goal is to avoid getting touched by this evil person. If he happens to touch you, you die. And watch out, he spawns clones too. Last person standing wins

#113 Fishing
You have a Corsair. Invisible dark templars are fish. Cast disruption web on top of them to reveal their identities. Once this happens, they will turn into fish that will start thrashing around on the surface and you simply have to touch them with your sair to get a point. The smaller a fish is, the more points it's worth. First to collect 20 points wins.

#114 Kill the Cloaked units
You have a Lurker and a civilian. You are suppose to kill the invisible units wandering around, but you have no way of detecting them. So what you must do is have your lurker attack your civilian (your civilian will replenish its health) and have the splash of the lurker attack kill the dark templars. First to kill 10 units wins.

#115 Ship Wars
You have a dropship. On the map there are 4 different units at all four corners of the arena. Inside your dropship are the same four units. Each unit you unload will shoot a missile (scourge) at its respective target on the map. Use this method to shoot your opponents down. Lose all your HP you are eliminated. Last man standing wins

#116 Ship Wars 2
You have a dropship. This time, you have 4 units inside your dropship which will generate bullets that travel either up, down, left, or right. Aim your bullet shots at your opponents to make them lose HP. Last man standing wins.

#117 Dodge the Crystals
Crystals on the map will be moving around arbitrarily via mobile grids. Their movements are unpredictable, so your best bet is to just stay as far away from them as possible. As time elapses, more crystals will come into play. Touch a crystal and you are out. Last man standing wins

#118 Swarming hives
Scourges will spray outwards from wandering ground units. Everytime you get hit by a scourge you lose HP. Avoid the swarm of the scourges. As time elapses, more "hives" will spawn, thus doubling the amount of scourges that plague the skies. Last man standing wins.

#119 Keep Away
Also an SC Mario Party Game I absolutely love. Hold onto the crystal as long as you can to earn points. If you die, you will have to wait a few seconds before you respawn. First to hold onto the ball for 30 seconds (points) wins.

#120 Marine Squads
You have control over up to 11 marines and 1 medic. The objective is simple, kill kill kill! Every marine you kill you earn 3 points. However, every marine that dies costs you 1 point. So don't be so reckless with your marine's lives. Once all your units are gone, you will respawn a new batch. Take advantage over the terrain; high ground gives you an advantage. First to 50 points wins

Q: What about the last 8 ideas?
A: You'll just have to wait ;)


Sep 24 2008, 11:39 am Vi3t-X Post #271

I wanna play WTF!


Sep 24 2008, 5:38 pm UnholyUrine Post #272

WTF? at WTF!... I'm going to like that game..especially when I play with pubbies and win like that.. they'll say I haxed or smth lol..

I don't like the Dodge the crystal idea :S.. There're enough dodging games.. but it's just my opinion


Sep 26 2008, 5:59 am MillenniumArmy Post #273

... or will it be random? :sly:


Sep 26 2008, 9:06 pm Kaiser-NP- Post #274

T_T Frogger didnt make it into the line up? :-( Was it not possible to add it? :unsure:


Sep 26 2008, 9:35 pm payne Post #275


We, Want, A, New, DEMO, NAO!! :-_-:


Sep 26 2008, 11:15 pm Generalpie Post #276

Staredit Puckwork

Im back! and i thought of new concepts for various maps!!!
ok im going to say a couple things here:

1)quit complaining! hes almost done with the map! im sure he will post it here.(wouldnt it be nice to play the whole map?)

2)btw he said theres 8 more minigames! maybe random. so we dont know if frogger made it.


Sep 27 2008, 5:28 pm Symmetry Post #277

Dungeon Master

Quote from MillenniumArmy
... or will it be random? :sly:

Make EUDs to detect if you're in the game, and if you are, make you the automatic winner :lol:

:voy: :jaff: :voy: :jaff:

Sep 28 2008, 2:52 am payne Post #278


Lol!! That would be 3P1C!


Sep 28 2008, 3:32 am Vi3t-X Post #279

You know what would be epic? Speaking properly.
The last 8 ideas are obviously random things based on SeN and/or internet memes.

121: Revenge of the MilleniumArmy
Oh noes.
122: Revenge of the Moose
A game of chance, stay invincible if you can.
128: Pixel wars, why not?


Sep 28 2008, 5:11 pm UnholyUrine Post #280

Hey MA... I found a "Leak" version of your map.. with 96/128 games...
I had a fun time playing that XD and I also found some glitches...

Altho you might've fixed them already.. soo msg here if u want me to tell u the glitches...

Also.. erm if u want to know who's the bastard that released ur map.. i can tell u too :P


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