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Mini-Game Party
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Sep 2 2007, 7:11 am
By: MillenniumArmy
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Sep 2 2007, 7:11 am MillenniumArmy Post #1

ALERT: No longer 64 minigames. Now it's gonna be 128!

So I've already made a topic about this at maplantis, but I guess I'll make one here too.

So as some of you guys should know already, this is going to be a mini-game map with 96 mini-games. I've already released a demo that has 16 games completed (available at Here's the list of mini-games:

*DONE* Great chase
*DONE* Scourge Spray
*DONE* touch the blue smoke
*DONE* missile barriers
*DONE* Accurate Drops
*DONE* remote control dodge
*DONE* lurker guardian
*DONE* hot chicks, ugly chicks
*DONE*blown away
*DONE*kill the MillenniumArmy
*DONE*Exploding archons
*DONE*12 man survival
*DONE* zergling swarm
*DONE* alien attack
*DONE* DA madness
*DONE* king of the hill
*DONE* crystal collectorz
*DONE* speed factories
*DONE* cannons
*DONE* spin of death
*DONE* Archon fusion
*DONE* Spike Snipers
*DONE* hot potato
*DONE* MC bombs
Traffic Grid
*DONE* cloaked infested terrans (credit to shocko)
*DONE* wack a mole
*DONE* pistol duels
*DONE* roulette (credit to farty)
*DONE* musical chairs
*DONE* raze the CC
*DONE* ticking bomb
*DONE* earthquake dodge
*DONE* invisidodge
*DONE* territories
*DONE* nascourge race
*DONE* corsair madness
*DONE* 4 way waves
*DONE* slot machines
*DONE* basket shooting
*DONE* hurtle jump
*DONE* code breakers (credit to fritfrat since i saw this in Uminigame collection)
*DONE* bring the crystal home
*DONE* wall ball
*DONE* bound race
*DONE* slow down race
*DONE* wavy treadmill
*DONE* archers
*DONE* last person there
*DONE* trap rooms
*DONE* math game
*DONE* Pedestrian Crossing
*DONE* mudslide
*DONE* two lane dodge
*DONE* hydra zone control
*DONE* Deadly Switch
*DONE* asteroid field
*DONE* teleport dodge
*DONE* dog fighters
*DONE* nydus canal launchers
*DONE* goliath tracks
*DONE* Vulture tag
*DONE* Cage of Ultralisks
*DONE* Those damn reavers
*DONE* bumper balls
Lone Sniper
narrow corridors
grav ball (credit to i)D(Elite)
swarm caster (credit to oyenno)
3 man dodge
worm dodge
pressure blast
recruit & fight
Counting game
Get him!
civilian massacre
tail bomb
pure luck race
how long can you last?
mad bombers
Landing Zone
spider mine defense
dancing blasts
blast karts
probe rape
bombing zone
power meter

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Sep 2 2007, 8:32 am Elric111 Post #2

sweet.....looks great ^_^ the only time i thought of a mini game i failed was about trying to use the wind and crap to try to get the paratrooper to land on the ship lol....maybe i'll pick it back up one day.....either way glad to see ur make a map soo f***ing big...maybe it won't last the usually 5-10mins that it usually does :)


Sep 2 2007, 6:12 pm Paravin. Post #3

Wow, good luck man. Thats hell of mini-games!


Sep 2 2007, 9:02 pm Crimson Magnum Post #4


Awesome, I'm looking forward to playing the full game.


Sep 4 2007, 4:01 am Echo Post #5

Holy Shit. That is a lot. I bet this game would keep the pubbies busy.


Sep 4 2007, 4:12 am ShinRa Post #6

So, With that many mini-games... Im sure you would be pissed if someone OSMap/Stolez0r ur map huh?

You've made so many maps, you can't stop now. Or... do you mean your last map of SC I?

Anyway, I look forward to playing this.


Sep 4 2007, 4:21 am Falkoner Post #7

If someone steals, everyone on SeN will team together to spread the correct version.


Sep 4 2007, 5:52 am Demented Shaman Post #8

Mill has made many successful maps that have not successfully been stolen. So many people will have the correct version and it will be played so often stealing it will not work. I doubt anyone would really bother to try and steal it anyway. Stealing is a nonissue.


Sep 4 2007, 11:30 am JamaL Post #9

..although he has made a few that have been stolen. These were his earlier maps, though. ;)

I like the map. Keep it up and it could be a pubbie favorite ;)


Sep 4 2007, 11:42 am ATG Post #10

This map sounds great.


Sep 4 2007, 2:33 pm wizard898 Post #11

Ah, the demo was fun! Can't wait for the completed work :]


Sep 6 2007, 6:20 am MillenniumArmy Post #12

#24 Mind Control Bombs
Several units will roam the arena and you have a Dark Archon. Mind Control any one of them and they will create an explosion, blowing any of the opponents' dark archons up. It will not, however, blow up the unit that was mind controlled. As time progresses, more and more units spawn in the arena, so eventually, the whole arena will be packed with units and you will have almost nowhere to run. Last man standing wins

#25 Bumper Balls
I've made a couple different of Bumper Balls; the more popular one was where you use the COP command for the flag beacons to move them and shoot someone. But this is not it. This mini-game is more like the less popular one I've made (which is not on my website and in the end was overwritten or lost). Everyone has a marine and there are several "bumper balls" in the arena. The bumper balls are all scouts, and if you use A+left click to attack them, they will move. Try to hit your opponents by moving the bumper balls on top of them. Last man standing wins

#26 Cloaked Infested Terrans - Inspired by Shocko (and/or someone else?)
Your infested terrans are cloaked. You cannot order them to attack any units, so you can only make them attack by having them explode somewhere hoping that it would kill someone. First to 10 kills wins.

You've made so many maps, you can't stop now. Or... do you mean your last map of SC I?
Well, the thing is college will be taking away lots of my time (infact it already is; my progress with this game has already been hindered greatly). So for sure, I will be quite inactive when it comes to map making after this map.

Ah, the demo was fun! Can't wait for the completed work :]
I've corrected many of the games that were in the demo (including the not-so-fun ones), so those 16 games should be much better. But the last 32 mini-games on my list (starting from earthquake dodge) will be IMO the most fun ones.


Sep 9 2007, 6:50 am MillenniumArmy Post #13

Three more:

#27 Wack-a-Mole
Every few seconds, a mole (zergling) will appear on the map. Be the first person to hit it (by using A+Leftclick) each time it pops out. Sometimes, two "moles" will appear, but one of them is a fake (hallucination) so when two appear, just go by your instincts and shoot the one you think is the real one. First to do this 10 times wins.

#28 Pistol Duels
Yet again here's a very unoriginal game. It's similar to both the "quick draw" mini-game from the Mario Party 1 map in the sense that you have to be the last man surviving and the Pistol Duels map in the sense that you spawn in random areas, thus emphasizing more on quick reactions and accuracy. Be the last survivor for three rounds to win.

#29 Roulette (inspired by Farty)1Billion)
Explosions will be going around in a circle and your objective is to siege your tank right as the explosion goes over you. It is all about timing but you cannot be too slow because this is a race; first person to do this 5 times wins.


Sep 9 2007, 7:52 am MasterJohnny Post #14

The old "black hole" bounder thing

Philosophy deals with unanswered questions. Religion deals with unquestioned answers. I am a Mathematician

Sep 9 2007, 8:02 am SteamBoy Post #15

I want to play it now : ( Lol

64 games into 1 ! sound;s like a kid's dream : ) LOl


Sep 9 2007, 8:06 am RIVE Post #16

Just Here For The Pie

Any chances of a demo version to come out? It's always good to promote.


Sep 9 2007, 8:08 am MillenniumArmy Post #17

I dont know about a demo, but once I get at least 32 mini-games done, I may need some trustworthy people to test my mini-games (particularly the minigames #17 and up) for functionality and how fun they are.


Sep 9 2007, 8:13 am RIVE Post #18

Just Here For The Pie

Well, I didn't actually mean playing games still in the works. I meant the favor few of the bunch done and put into a mini game.. of mini games, but if it means testers, count me in. Then again demos are just the tests of feedback.


Sep 9 2007, 8:26 am MillenniumArmy Post #19

I meant the favor few of the bunch done and put into a mini game.. of mini games
That's what my demos are for; putting already completed (which means they were already tested for functionality and more how fun they are) mini-games into a mini-game of mini-games. Again I don't know if I want to do that. When I make these mini-games, I test it by myself with 5 computers to check if there are any major glitches or bugs. Once through with that, then I'll consider it "done"; but in order to truly judge how fun it'll be, I need to play it with humans. My first sixteen games have already been tested with humans prior to the release of the demo, but I may need to do the same with this next bunch.


Sep 9 2007, 1:53 pm JamaL Post #20

I will gladly test with you, MA, if you need me to.

I, personally, can't wait for this map to come out. I often have a short attention span and like it when there is a variety of things happening at once, all short-term. Mini-games fit perfectly in that category. =P


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