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Additional tilesets on tileset poor worlds
May 28 2013, 5:23 am
By: Raygoza  

May 28 2013, 5:23 am Raygoza Post #1

I think that the different map types of StarCraft could support having the maximum amount of tilesets, I guess that Blizzard didn't feel that way when they released the game, I'd like to see these tileset poor maps that are installation, ash, space platform and badlands to have more tilesets.

My guess as mentioned is that there are lots that could be filled with new tilesets, anyone know how to do this if it's possible?


May 28 2013, 9:58 am Sand Wraith Post #2


There is at least one tileset editor in existence. You could use that with Scmdraft to check if there are any flags that can enable or disable use of certain tiles.

I know basically nothing about tilesets though. Sorry!

May 28 2013, 1:45 pm jjf28 Post #3

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Terrain is complicated (disgusting), i'll outline how it works here.

- A MTXM value (2 bytes) from the map, which can be broken into....
- A group and a group tile, which point to...
- A CV5 entry (contains some properties and ISOM info), which points to...
- A VF4 entry (contains walk-ability and height info) and ...
- A VX4 entry ('Mega Tile') which points to 16...
- VR4 entries ('Mini Tiles'), contains 8x8 or 64 pixels (1 byte) each of which point to...
- A WPE entry, an RGB color

Further reading: wiki1, wiki2

Limits from various parts add up to:
- less than 256 colors per tileset
- max 32768 MiniTiles (the 16 8x8 tiles that makeup a big tile) per tileset
- max 65536 tiles per tileset.

So you can try to combine tilesets, but you'll quickly run out of color spaces. Adding individual tiles to a tileset can be done easy enough, farty was brave enough to make a program for it, though I believe it's still beta and have no idea if this is the latest version: HawtTiles

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May 28 2013, 3:48 pm O)FaRTy1billion[MM] Post #4

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There is also PyTile, part of poiuy_qwert's python modding suite. I think it's more complete than HawtTiles.

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May 28 2013, 8:39 pm Raygoza Post #5

Thanks a lot guys, I'm already familiar with TileEdit which is called Hawt Tiles it seems.
But the way tiles are indexed I can't get a grip on at least not the edges to other terrains.
But I do know how to change the properties of the tiles trough that program even some properties of the mini tiles.

I have an idea, what about changing the tilesets to get SC2 brush textures and change the cliffs?
By the way would it be possible to allow cliff merging in SC1 if they are of the same height, like Temple and high dirt?
Could have something to do with the mapping program though.

Also changing the cliff textures is what I'd ike to see but I don't know how to do that part because sc2 is 3d and I have no idea how to get it right for this purpose as the size of the texture should not change in the view like when you are further away from something the area around that thing look smaller.
There might be a way if it's mapped in the same way as SC1 and a careful choice of angle could help.

Also what about stacking cliffs?
I know people have done this manually in SC1 but after the cliff texture replacement my guess is that it should look better and even blend better with a stacked cliff.

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