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Keeping Forum Alive
Dec 5 2012, 5:36 am
By: Snipe  

Oct 22 2015, 5:36 am Snipe Post #21

Quote from slayer766
Dang really do miss the old times with Oo...hey all fellow Oo members and friends!!! *waves*

Snipe, Hynk, Solar, Tmastaa, Devlin, Pauper, Hydra, Jamal, DR, Vic! you crazy map maker you! You always kept me going onto making more because of how many you kept making lol (And of course Snipe kept me going or else he'd backhand me :P) , Zealot, Jmoney, Ashamed, Skillz, Dynasty

Just a few people I would hang with quite a bit, all were really cool.

But yes, thank you Mini Moose and Dev for keeping this alive, crazy that it still is here and actually thankful it is so I could actually reminiscence about the past memories here. I loved this place, I would actually draw up my starcraft maps in class and come home and create them - wish I still had the notes. I would always wake up every morning and SEN was my number one place to go, back when foruming was great and active everywhere. Oh yeah here is some proof that I did love SEN: LIEK OMGZORZ CLICK ME

Some other mentions that I remember: IP, Yoshi, BeeR_KeG, DT_Battlekruser, HorroR, Killer_Kow, OverTheBelow, RexyRex, Legacy Weapon, Moogle, IceWarrior98, TuxedoTemplar! loved his maps and just everything about that dude, many more that I could list.

What a nostalgic shoutout lol. I like how you listed me first. We had some pretty awesome times. I forgot about Zealot, he was cool..

Anyways, Nice to see you around. For some reason I pop on here once in awhile, always fun to see players from the past post like this.

Message me anytime, I will get back to you.

Peace hommie,



Oct 28 2015, 3:55 am Laguna~ Post #22

Hey what's up.


Dec 4 2015, 2:10 pm Mp(U) Post #23

ooga booga


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