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StarCraft: Transition
Oct 31 2012, 10:06 am
By: pastelmind  

Apr 7 2013, 7:25 pm pastelmind Post #21

QoLMod v1.1 available

This one includes Smart Rally v1.2, which *really* features the extended rally point support for Zerg Hatcheries, Lairs, and Hives. Both Smart Rally and Auto-Repair on Idle have been built from GPTP v2.23.

Smart Rally now provides separate rally points for workers and non-workers, regardless of race. Thus, Smart Rally works nicely with mods that make Command Centers / Nexuses build combat units.

Worker-specific rally points are set when you rally-click or right-click on a mineral patch or gas building; rallying to a ground position does not affect the Worker Rally, but rallying to another unit or building will clear the Worker Rally. I could change it to something more complex should anyone wish.

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Apr 8 2013, 1:22 am Sand Wraith Post #22


Since you've offered: it would be nice if rallying to another unit or building did not clear the Worker Rally.

Biophysicist has informed me some people at BWAI have been working on creating units via a plugin, out of nowhere - something that has to do with AI scripts and so on. Is there any chance you know anything about this?

Apr 8 2013, 4:25 am pastelmind Post #23

Quote from Sand Wraith
Since you've offered: it would be nice if rallying to another unit or building did not clear the Worker Rally.

Biophysicist has informed me some people at BWAI have been working on creating units via a plugin, out of nowhere - something that has to do with AI scripts and so on. Is there any chance you know anything about this?

Sure. I'm thinking of:
  • Worker Rally is set if and only if you rally-click a mineral patch or gas building.
  • You can clear Worker Rally by rally-clicking on the production building itself - which also clears the default rally.

As for unit creation, I believe it works by enabling triggers in melee games, and then using triggers to communicate with the plugin to create units at will. Though personally I think it's very gimmicky to use triggers. I'll check if unit creation can be done.


Apr 8 2013, 6:08 pm Sand Wraith Post #24


That sounds most excellent.

For unit creation: that sounds viable, but I concur that it is gimmicky. That is why I'm very interested in the possibility of an AI script that creates units, even if it reads unit ID and coordinates from memory, in which case, finding the addresses of those values and modifying them via plugin (and running the AI script also from the plugin) would be a viable solution.

Apr 17 2013, 8:46 pm Raygoza Post #25

I have an idea, why not include hacks into your mod, only those that actually benefit the gameplay, let me give you some suggestions.

The MBS hack which allows you to select multiple buildings simultaneusly (Finally), it's included in the Oblivion hack, extracting and including it would be very useful.

Alternatively the Freedom hack has an improved selection hack which unlike the other one does not limit to 255 units, use whatever you want but in the freedom hack there's also a hack that allows you to queue build commands, I think that that's at least as far as you'd like to go with this hack.

Now imagine if you were to put these together, it would be useful to release them with and separately of your mod, that way regular players which aren't running mods could pretty much just use these and play vs others without the need of running a mod and modders would probably want to include this new hack package too. In case it's you're allowed to do this you may want to make a download for the hacks, a download of your mod containing the hacks and a download for your QoLMod with the hacks included.

But you'd probably have to see if you're allowed to put these together in teh first place, if so I guess you'll credit the owners and also ask them if including them in your mods and as a stand alone custom pack would be allowed.

A note about the Freedom hack is that it also got a few other useful hacks too like the Anti-Maphack Protected Maphack which will make all invalid crash sprites to appear with a special custom sprite.

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May 22 2013, 4:18 am Pr0nogo Post #26

I'd like to bump, if only because I'm working on a project and queuing buildings and adding MBS would be very beneficial.

Is there a possibility to request specific features turned off? For example, if you compile a mod with MBS, building queuing, and unlimited selection, and I want to drop the unlimited selection bit, can I ask for that or remove it myself manually? Is it just a plugin or what?

May 30 2013, 10:15 pm pastelmind Post #27

Actually I would like to try the MBS hack, multiple unit selection hack, etc. But there are three concerns:

(1) It would trivialize creating hacks. Yeah, I know it's a >10-year-old game that practically nobody plays, but it feels...wrong.
(2) These hacks may be detected by common anti-hack programs.
(3) I don't have the know-how to make such a hack myself, and don't known where to obtain the source code, let alone receive permission to use it.

@Pronogo: Currently, all of the features in QoLMod are separated into individual plugins, or can be added selectively into mods if you understand basic iscript, DatEdit, etc.


May 31 2013, 1:02 am Pr0nogo Post #28

If you ever end up updating QoL with MBS and queuing buildings, let me know. Otherwise, I'll use what you have compiled so far.

Jun 3 2013, 5:57 am Raygoza Post #29

What would you think of the old selection hack, can't be any wrong using that one?
It also seems like the Freedom mod has all the wanted features, I tried the Oblivion hack, although you could select several building on the info panel only the first building you selected is displayed as if it was the only selected one.
Anyway the Freedom has some hack that fixes that which seems to indicate that you can select multiple buildings there too.
Also they are probably easier to contact.
They also have a lot of other useful hacks, like the queueing of building constructions, anti map hack protection map hack.
I also know that the FReedom developers should be pretty easy to contact, also the Freedom hack doesn't have any cheating changes, but only some hack that help and also those that makes the game more user friendly unlike the Oblivion hack which has some cheat hacks.


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