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Chkdraft Project
Oct 9 2012, 12:42 am
By: jjf28
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Oct 30 2018, 11:45 am jjf28 Post #261

Cartography Artisan

Quote from Pr0nogo
I think an open source mapping tool is paramount to high end development and at this point in BW's age as a content platform it's pretty depressing we don't already have one. SCMDraft's problem is that it's not open source and thus resistant to new features, and Chkdraft's problem is that it isn't complete. Would you be willing to collaborate with other developers to remedy the latter?

Other developers are always welcome to take a fork (or request access to make feature branches) and raise a pull request to development; I tend to process these in under a week, so far others have only committed some small things , except Fary who decompiled a ton of graphics (though I didn't think it stable, so I haven't merged it yet).

On the knowledge side of things, SI, Fary, and Heinermann have helped a ton when I've needed it (though SI still owes me some ISOM code :P ).

I should note that it would complicate things if someone were to work a ton of features while I'm completely changing the base code around , but if anyone's particularly eager to contribute I'll make it a priority to have that stable by this weekend.

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Oct 31 2018, 11:51 pm Pr0nogo Post #262

I'm just weighing the options right now but I'm glad to know you're open to it. If you can post when you're done with that fundamental refactoring, I'd be much obliged.

Nov 19 2018, 4:36 am jjf28 Post #263

Cartography Artisan

Mostly a note to self: not going to support preserving jump section information between saves (this violates my change-nothing-not-touched policy, and every exception needs some justification) - jump sections are a section with a negative size such that they jump backwards in the chk file to a section header embedded within some other section. Jump sections can be used both for compression and for protection - protection in that they're harder to write a parser for, so programs are more likely to fail against them; and if you build large enough compressed section data you could crash most editors/run them out of memory.

If a chk file contained jump sections that increased the scenario file size - it should be considered protected.

If a chk file contained jump sections that decreased the scenario file size - it should be considered compressed, if changed, original jump sections should be discarded, and upon saving (or upon releasing, if there's a substantial runtime impact to doing compression operations on every save) jump section compression should be reattempted. Compression is much less important in remastered since blizzard has greatly improved download times, so losing this info entirely may be acceptable.

Jump sections present numerous challenges trying to preserve - having to setup alarms on every data change potentially affecting the header, the data inbetween, or the size between (including changing one sections size, or adding or deleting sections), and because we're talking raw data monitoring it would serve as a great complication to any object-based abstraction - requiring something like holding the raw data form and object form and keeping them in sync at all times, or rapidly generating the raw data form (and risking out-of-memory errors for otherwise low-impact operations), notifying the exact changes to the jump section for handling, and in the handler recalculating the position of the jump sections (which may not always meet user expectations, as they might not want a jump section header in a action in something like a trigger they just copied).

Because there's no actual point to jump sections except compression, the compression can be recalculated at save time, and preserving the information would mean tons of work, overhead/resources, and imperfect user-experiences, maps with jump section compression will lose it (have the sections recompiled into one chunk) and potentially have it recalculated during save.

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