No Redemption
Jul 10 2012, 4:24 am
By: Pr0nogo  

Jul 10 2012, 4:24 am Pr0nogo Post #1


What a joke.

You're a joke, you're an ass,
A full-time addict and a temporary dad.
Got no room for you in my life,
It's saturated by things that matter.

I won't let you bullshit me.
I won't let your lies affect me.
I cared, in the past, the only mistake
And the worst one that I could have made.

I am only human, but you're the adult,
The father, the figure, the so-called "grown-up."
Go fuck yourself, you can't handle this life
Without kicking your kids out, and lighting your crack pipe.

He's disowned me, yet again.
Third time's the charm; I hope you're happy.
All the best, to you in the future.
I guess we both have to grow up, sooner or later.

I'm done being his ears, done feeding his pride.
I won't tell more of his fucking lies.
His worst mistake was when he didn't change;
Mine was just that I felt betrayed.

How often do I hear your famous line?
Committed to memory, I won't forget it with time.
You're on a big streak, you'll fix it all right up.
Liar! You love your kids less than you love your drugs.

No redemption.
You lost your chance.

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