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Hate Speech
Jul 9 2012, 3:18 am
By: rayNimagi  

Jul 10 2012, 1:35 pm Roy Post #21

An artist's depiction of an Extended Unit Death

Quote from Sacrieur
Not at all, Mr. Devil's Advocate. There is no conclusion (ergo no fallacy, because it's not an argument). I was merely attempted to point out, succinctly, that the limiting of speech and expression is very inviting for oppression. What better way to deal with dissenters than simply make it illegal to speak out? It all comes back to the safety vs. freedom struggle.
Limiting anything is inviting for oppression. What you've made, then, is a moot point, and you just brought up North Korea for shock value. (Also, slightly off-topic, but we overvalue safety and undervalue freedom in America. The Patriot Act, for example, is complete shit, in my opinion.)

Quote from Sacrieur
I'll halt here after making this distinction, because I feel an adult person's emotional well-being should not be protected by the above clause. Whether or not your offended or emotionally hurt from someone's speech isn't their problem, even if your depressed state caused you to lose your job. This is so the limitation on speech is a tangible, objective, and measurable occurrence.
That seems somewhat heartless, but I understand why you draw the line there; legally speaking, the line should be drawn somewhere that is measurable.

Jul 18 2012, 12:26 pm Sand Wraith Post #22


I think the issue is handled pretty well in Canada.

In practical terms, communications that advocate genocide or incite hatred are illegal. The latter case has exceptions.

Jul 19 2012, 9:43 pm Gigins Post #23

Quote from rayNimagi
"The best response to offensive speech is more free speech."
-University of Texas Residence Hall Manual

Some countries, such as France, penalize people who blatantly shout racial insults in public places. But in other nations, such as America, Nazis are allowed to spread their antisemitism and the Westboro Baptist Church can stage protests at military funerals. Some regard these actions of free speech to be healthy for a society. Others find offensive statements to be painful for the individuals in the targeted group.

How would you feel if you saw a poster that deliberately insults your race or religion. Would you tear the poster down, or simply ignore the slip of paper on the wall? Should hate speech be censored or allowed? Where do you draw the line?
Yet calling a nigger... a nigger is censored as hell. While black people use the term all the time. :D


Jul 30 2012, 10:41 pm Sacrieur Post #24

Still Napping

To clarify my (correct) opinion, this is the proper response to free speech you feel strongly about, not this.


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theskinsurf -- how is that game? looks good
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theskinsurf -- oh_man, do you stagger the creation and load-in of the units to get them in the right order?
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