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Cat n Mouse Pylon Games
Apr 24 2012, 8:20 pm
By: Mouse  

Apr 24 2012, 8:20 pm Mouse Post #1

Cat n Mouse Pylon Games
By StupidFred @ USEast
**Special thanks to: Lethoth & SkLoped @ USEast

Up to 7 people can play in up to 6 different mini-maps. A Cat will randomly be selected and the Mice have to scatter around to survive the round. The timer starts at 1:35 and the Cat is released at 1:20 giving the Cat adequate time to be able to kill everyone. Use Pylons to block the Cat, and the Cat will take 2 hits to kill a Pylon. The Pylons are not free, they cost 1 mineral and 3 gas each to keep track as a limit. Each time a Pylon dies, you will gain a mineral back so you can have a max of 12 pylons at one time (This may change to 15, I have not completely decided yet). The goal is to survive the most rounds and kill all of the Mice if you are the Cat.

How To Score (Cat):
+1: Kill A Mouse
+1: All Mice Are Killed

How To Score (Mouse):
+5: You survive a round
+1: You die, but your teamates survive a round

Goal: Get to 25 Points.

Current Updates: Working on a reward ceremony
-------------------------Working on a better design for the 6th arena

EDIT: Would any of you guys like me to post an unprotected version so you can look at it without going into Starcraft?


Cat n Mouse Pylon Games.scx
Hits: 9 Size: 34.95kb

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Oct 1 2012, 4:40 am Leeroy_Jenkins Post #2

Great Map :)


Oct 1 2012, 5:41 am UnholyUrine Post #3

Interesting take on the old formula

Personally, I think a few of the arenas are a bit repetitive... It'd be cool if you can introduce hazards and stuff, but it's SC1, and with the extremely short time, it'd be difficult for a player to come to grips with hazards in such a short time.

Is there fog of war? If the arenas are not lit up, then you can try to play more with high/low terrain ^.^

and Finally, why not throw in Nexus? Each round, only 1 nexus allowed per probe, and it takes 5 hits?

I'll check this out ^^


Jun 15 2013, 2:49 pm FuNkY Post #4

Awesome map, and very fun to play!

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