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Your weird dream?
Jan 6 2012, 1:20 am
By: Tempz  

Apr 14 2012, 8:54 pm IskatuMesk Post #21

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Let'see. The three dreams this morning constitute as weird. I can't remember the first, but the second is still very vivid.

As usual, any dream taking place in semi-realistic locales are always at my old house. This is a psychology kind of thing I think. Rather... long-winded. Anyways, it involved two of the main characters from my campaign, oddly enough, coming in a disagreement with some other non-descript characters. Very strange. Also very small scale. The people, that is. So our dudes retreated somewhere and began building shit RTS-style. Sending probes and "nuke" corvettes, aka SR-71's armed with nukes, to see what was going on. Then it started raining. Inside a house. At massive scale. What. Anticipating hostilities, our dudes began amassing battleships, command ships, and corvettes.

It was actually kind of neat, because out of that dream I got two potential designs for modeling ships if I can remember them whenever I am good enough to model them (aka never). Very gundam-styled things. Bulky, bristling with guns, very high detail. I remember them well now, but I suspect in a few months I'll forget. The dream ended when I discovered their landing base was a decoy, but it was insinuated they had moved to "another house" to begin building their own shit. By then I had a subspace gate up to summon in moar battleships and all kinds of crazy things were going to go down.

The third dream is harder to remember and has to do with more fighting on the personnel level. I think it was greatly influenced by my recent dedication to playing and editing my LP's of God of War and Conan, as well as Tera. Lots of greek architecture and flailing around of that degree, but can't remember details.

I always have multiple dreams every night. Most of them are very vivid, but since I stopped writing I stopped making an effort to remember any inspiration material from them. Almost all of them involve fighting for survival in some manner. The rarest involve my work with any given game, and rarer still are the ones involving TOA, which are the most cherished of all my memories.

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Apr 14 2012, 9:05 pm Raitaki Post #22

Quote from alaska
Hours and hours of it...weird
LIES. Your perception of time is greatly hindered when you sleep.


Apr 15 2012, 12:05 am Dungeon-Master Post #23

I dreamed that I did some nasty stuff with my cousin... But that's okay compared to all your shit guys!


Apr 15 2012, 9:55 pm Riney Post #24

Thigh high affectionado

Quote from Dungeon-Master
I dreamed that I did some nasty stuff with my cousin... But that's okay compared to all your shit guys!

Hot :awesome:

My strangest dream lately...wait I dont dream. How I shot dream?

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Apr 15 2012, 10:02 pm Jack Post #25

>be faceless void >mfw I have no face

I can't quite remember the origins of this dream but about half way through I was interrogating a robot to test personality, something like that. And I had deduced there was something deficient about it, but the way I was questioning it was designed to make it unaware of what was going on. Then another robot in the room turned and said it would escort me out. Then it said "By the way, why did you smile cheesily at the start?" and copied my smile, then started moving towards me. I woke up heart pounding with the distinct feeling of having just died.

Red classic.

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Apr 15 2012, 10:15 pm Fire_Kame Post #26

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