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DevliN's Mafia: Battlestar Galactica
Sep 28 2011, 9:42 am
By: DevliN
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Oct 16 2011, 3:05 am Tempz Post #581

Lol you sniped before i edited my post.


Oct 16 2011, 3:09 am Aristocrat Post #582


Oct 16 2011, 3:14 am poison_us Post #583

Back* from the grave

Fist of the North Star? You just earned a little respect. Shit's cash, bro.

Oct 16 2011, 3:21 am Tempz Post #584

I feel like I'm going to die tonight... Good luck though.


Oct 16 2011, 4:20 am Echo Post #585

I vote lil-Inferno.


Oct 16 2011, 4:44 am Vrael Post #586

gg cylons, I'm pretty sure you've won.


Oct 16 2011, 4:59 am Echo Post #587

Quote from Vrael
gg cylons, I'm pretty sure you've won.


If I die tonight, town loses. Whoever doesn't switch votes to someone else is mafia, but if they do change votes to another who is mafia, win-win for towns only. If I die, town is dead.


Oct 16 2011, 7:53 am DevliN Post #588


Day 5 Votes
Raitaki : Dem0nS1ayer Echo
Aristocrat : Abstain
Zycorax : Echo
lil-Inferno : Echo
Tempz : Echo
OlimarandLouie : Echo
Dem0nS1ayer : Echo
Observer12425 : Echo (7)
Echo : lil-Inferno (1)

Majority vote: Echo (7)

Declined to vote: Azrael.Wrath, Symmetry

- DAY 5 -

11 members of the tribunal entered the meeting room to discuss possible identities of Cylon operatives within the fleet.

Very little debate took place, as the majority of voters quickly came to a decision.

"Echo, a majority believes you are a Cylon operative attempting to live among us," Roslin announced.

Echo remained seated as guards moved towards him. Sweat was dripping down his face as he looked around the room, paranoid.

"Don't trust anyone," he shouted as he was finally being walked to the exit. "You all just really fraked yourselves. I was your last hope! You have no one else to save you. I could have taken out those fraking toasters if I had the chance!"

Echo was killed by a firing squad soon after a very lulzy interrogation.

Night 6 begins now. Send your actions to me by tonight at 11:59 PM (Pacific Standard Time).

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Oct 16 2011, 12:44 pm xAngelSpiritx Post #589

eternal lurker

I bet DevliN has had more than one good laugh from this game.


Oct 16 2011, 2:23 pm poison_us Post #590

Back* from the grave

Laugh? No, I think head-scratching would be better :P

Oct 16 2011, 6:29 pm DevliN Post #591


Quote from poison_us
Laugh? No, I think head-scratching would be better :P
Yeah, something like that. Some of the conclusions made in this game confuse the hell out of me. I will say this was an interesting way to watch a game progress and see how people act.

I have a full recap of the game that I'll be posting at the end, so perhaps everyone else can see where my "WTF" comments in the shoutbox came from. :devlin:

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Oct 16 2011, 11:40 pm Tempz Post #592

Can't wait to see how my crazy ramblings gets re-told.

I was judging the amount of mafia left to the "confirmed mafia" deaths and people are most likely town who died. Then compared that to the amount of starting players and estimated the amount of mafia still alive...

Post has been edited 2 time(s), last time on Oct 17 2011, 1:03 am by Tempz.


Oct 17 2011, 7:19 am DevliN Post #593


- NIGHT 6 -

Two met sat at the bar. One dressed in a suit while the other in traditional quorum garb. It had been just hours after the day's execution, and the guilt of possibly sending a man to wrongful execution was weighing on their consciences. They were confident that they made the right choices, but what about the past tribunals? Were they right, then?
"I am a genius afterall, and the one true God gave me this magnificent brain to save humanity!" Gaius Baltar's loud words echoed through the room, interrupting the two mens' silence.
"Is it weird in here or is it just me?" the traditionally dressed man joked, commenting on the very flamboyant doctor's need for attention.
"That Baltar is a headcase if you ask me," the man in the suit responded. He tilted down his sunglasses to get a better look at the man whose ego could barely fit in the entire ship.
The other man laughed. "Genius is more often found in a cracked pot than in a whole one."
"I'll drink to that!"
The two men continued talking, glad to have something else on their minds.


Elsewhere in the bar sat Symmetry and his date for the night.
"So tell me, Luke, what do you do on this ship?," she asked him.
"Well first off, my name is Symmetry." He gave her a reassuring smile, noticing her face turning red in embarassment. "And second, I am just a simple member of the crew. Nothing special."
She finished off her drink, and pointed to the door. "I'm tired of talking. Enough games. Let's get out of here and be rid of this place for good."
He wasn't sure where this was going, but hoped it led straight to one of their beds. They both stood up and carried each other to the exit, slightly stumbling on the way.

Upon reaching her cabin, the woman turned to Symmetry abruptly. Her face was pale by now, but her eyes were bloodshot. "I'm kinda drunk, but I feel really bad because I lied."
Suddenly a man came up behind Symmetry and quickly jabbed him with a knife. Symmetry turned around and tried to take a swing at his attacker, but to no avail. The wound was too severe.
"Why?," he asked with his last breath.
The man didn't answer, and instead watched Symmetry die on the floor. He was done with petty skirmishes.
The man walked the woman to her quarters and then proceeded to his own room.
"6 hours of sleep tonight, and then another day of lynching."


A man was giving the medical bay another go as he was rummaging through the piles of notes on various desks. The only significant bit of help he could find was the series of numbers he saw on the night before.
"What the frak do these mean?," he shouted in frustration. "I have to figure this out, damn it. Our survival depends on it."
His search was interrupted by the blaring sound of alarms ringing in the ship. Startled, he left the room and sought shelter.


Alarms rang in section two.
"Our Cylon raiders are there," a man said to himself in his dark room. He is a Cylon, but unfortunately felt more attached to humanity as a result of his upbringing. He had been collecting pages of Dr. Baltar's smuggled religious teachings and attaching them to his wall for inspiration.
"I hope Baltar is right about the one true God," he said as he looked to his wall of text for guidance. "And I hope that God forgives me for what I am."

Day 6 begins now. Voting lasts until tonight at 11:59 PM (Pacific Standard Time)

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Oct 17 2011, 7:35 am Vrael Post #594



Oct 17 2011, 11:43 am Aristocrat Post #595

Echo was a Cylon Hitman. I thought we dun goofed and lynched the bomb when I saw the "paranoid" description in the day post; apparently that isn't the case. Y U DO DIS DEVLIN.

Upon reaching her cabin, the woman turned to Symmetry abruptly. Her face was pale by now, but her eyes were bloodshot.

I vote Zycorax.



Oct 17 2011, 2:14 pm Raitaki Post #596

I also vote Zycorax.


Oct 17 2011, 2:52 pm Aristocrat Post #597

I just realized that the clue posted discredits my theory about Zycorax being the last mafia hitman, since it's pretty clear that the context refers to the seductress.

It would be nice if we could lynch a hitman today, but I got no leads on that.


Oct 17 2011, 5:48 pm Tempz Post #598

I vote Zycorax


Oct 17 2011, 7:07 pm Zycorax Post #599

Grand Moderator of the Games Forum

Aww, come on guys :( I've been waiting the entire game for a mafia to hit me.
Since the recent assassination attempt on Commander Adama's life, you have grown more paranoid toward your fellow crew. Who else on this frakking ship could be a skinjob? Right now it is you against the world, as far as you're concerned, and you're prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice to kill as many Cylons as you can.

You are the BOMB.

Quote from DevliN
"6 hours of sleep tonight, and then another day of lynching."
Sounds like a reference to, where the only one still alive who has voted 6 hours is Azrael.Wrath.

I vote Azrael.Wrath.

Oct 17 2011, 7:24 pm lil-Inferno Post #600

Just here for the pie

I vote Zycorax. If we can't get a hitman, at least we'll get one of the goons.

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