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How to Improve at StarCraft2 efficiency
Sep 7 2011, 12:39 am
By: BlueWolf  

Sep 7 2011, 12:39 am BlueWolf Post #1

A very impressive article by Cecilsunkure. Read it. Analyze it. Envelope yourself with this nourishing mind data for sc2 players.
Then gg everyone.

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Sep 7 2011, 12:46 am TiKels Post #2

... Why -isn't- that here.

I guess people just care more about mapping forum games.


Sep 7 2011, 12:49 am BlueWolf Post #3

I know right!


Mouse Accuracy Practice Games


Sep 7 2011, 12:50 am DevliN Post #4


I remember this being posted a while back, actually. Not sure where it went.

"This" being Cecil's tutorial on TeamLiquid.

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Sep 7 2011, 1:05 am BlueWolf Post #5

So can this be stickied? It's a very informative and will be useful for any members looking for something like it in the future.


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